Been a while since i blogged, not because I didn’t want to but it would be good for me to atleast “yap” about these New Year resolution thingies,

Whats Love gat to do…Remember that song by one of those old bimbos called Tina Turner….it just started ringing in my head and i had to answer the call.

So, what is this bloody call about.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon after a hefty discussion with some partners in some ka-project we were supposed to be presenting a week from then, when i remembered i had to attend a wedding. A friend had let me in on one of his life choices, those ones with a catch 22. He, apparently had found the one. I had to do him the honors and check this chic out, I mean, after these years of celibacy, i had to know what was making him leave this club.

So, i SUIT UP, and leave. On arrival, i call up this childhood heart throb, she is already waiting at the ceremony…..wait for…it….Here she comes dressed like one of those playboy babes. I skipped a heartbeat before i could get myself back in control. She did look damn fine, i stared and still couldn’t get enough of it.

The whole ceremony saw me staring at child hood sweet heart rather than pay attention to my boy. I was perplexed…I spent my whole childhood trying to cut any connections with her, running in the opposite direction when she came my way, ducking under the shrubs, pretending i hadn’t seen her when i bumped into her and quickly shortening the jazz, yet, here she was putting her jaw dropping mojo on me.

Now, like a bad guy, i became a bad boy. Started throwing in those pick up lines of them days, licking them lips and staring at her at the corners of my eyes, but this mojo is old school. Apparently she had upgraded into the big leagues, those lawyer typo-s who have the cash and swag, so i also upgraded. I started showing her my suit label and staff, but she showed me i was still out of her league.

I had to do. I just had to do it. I pulled out the childhood sweetheart card.

Question is now, Contemplations. you know that song by Wale and Rihanna…thats where I am, contemplating. I did the craziest thing and asked her out. And i got one of those many chic answers chics give when they are not interested in your prepositions.

“I will think about it.”

I have heard this line several times, i have tried using it a couple of times…and i got it myself. But am a fool to think that she will actually think about because its the christian thing to do. Am a fool to think that what once was will be. Am a fool. Contemplations.



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