So, whats been going through the thought process’ mind. I am not very sure but you may as well go ahead and ask him.

So, what has been going through your mind, The Thought Process….

Well, am not very sure, am i. I just needed to blog and to do so, i needed to listen to the title above…

Given that i have given you a clue to what those numbers mean, let me indulge you with what is really going on up in there, yes, in there…

So, i have decided to be constructive from now on when using the internet, apart from almost quitting facebook, am going to dedicate a few hours to this blogging thing seeing that i have dumped you for some time. But i want you to know, its not you, its me. I got caught up in these things of the world thinking they would answer me, fulfil my desires but i realised, you are my alcohol, you always get me high and excited by just typing a few lines…

But seriously, I met a girl and a girl met me. Now, am not good at this relationship thing, seeing that my parents had me locked up in some boarding schools i lost that part of me, but am going to try. I have to try, hell i am in this…yes.

Doesn’t sound convincing now, does it?

Didn’t think so but this girl buffles me. Honestly, i thought i knew slang but i need a new slang dictionary to read her messages. Awesomeness only, only awesomeness. She is my new HIGH,( hey, am not deserting you any time soon)….and her favorite colour is brown. I enjoy kissing her little well rounded bottom…(no freaks allowed on this blog) and best thing ever…i dont have to worry. Forget about insecurities past, I gat my swag on on this one…

Facebook should be added to the dictionary. Am tired of those spell check errs..

I tried writing a book. I Know. Still thinking of making a few adjustments here and there and hopefully i will have a best seller soon, just saying…HATERS. Just saying.

Of recent, the music i have been listening to is changing my life. Its like some adrenaline induced schizzo in there when my earphones are hymning or humming to my ears..again, just awesomeness.  To sample you, look for Hans Zimmer for those classic retro melodic tunes of some jazzy schizzo, Local Natives for the rock fans and Jay Z and Kanye hooking up to give us HAM…Hard Ass Mathafcuk… cut me some slack, am trying to avoid cursing or using such profane words which constitute have of my vocabulary, no offense 50, sleek…nebigenderako…i spits in your face…

528491….Hans Zimmer just ended…i better sign out, and seriously, i haven’t proof read this shyt, but am sure its for shizzo…

Shout out to my Mistress

I love you baby gal….KIKI.

Return of Awesomeness….MF.

Before i go, does anyone have a dictionary for facebook users honestly because i have sincerely failed to keep up with the abbreviations…LMASO…whats this shit??


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