16 and Pregnant on M.T.V

Ok, was watching, scratch that, i was scrolling through t.v channels… and the title above caught my eye and so, i watched.  And the following happens between,” when i started watching the show,” till “when i decided i had had enough of the show,”…

(Am a little distracted so…i can not exactly correlate the following events….and my chic’s mum just sent me a friend request….)

‘I love you and am sorry,’ says dude.

‘I love you too….dont worry, everything will be ok,’ says chic.

Ok, at this point am trying to get the gist of the matter on hand. She is 16 and about to give birth, and you love this dude. And so, you broke your virginity,(i mean, if you were a hoe/slut and those other names, you wouldn’t be pregnant now) for this 16 year dude. In Ug, you would be in S.4 and fucked for life. Besides, dude…you the shit….

Secondly, those are problems of sex ed. They don’t teach it in Uganda and am sure they regret teaching in China where the population alone is due to understanding that ‘staff’. I want to call it staff because, am also not sure what the process of doing that staff  that leads to babies is. And i was never taught sex ed.

And the white parents, am not racist, but apparently they have never screened any black 16 year old pregnant girls on the show, uhm, anyways, have come to terms with it, they are even excited that they are getting grandchildren. Now, if they were black, that baby would i think gave been aborted or something, and again, that dude would be dead 9 months ago, maybe 10, i dont think a black man would let anyone near his 16 year old daughter. But then again, these are white folks, folks.

” Am quoting Tony Woods stand up comedy on the re-incarnation of the Red Riding hood…’like any white woman in a scary situation, she fell…”

And that is where i ended…couldnot continue watching that level of craziness. How dare there, you love at 16, when will you start hating. And damn, you life has ended before it begun….no promiscuity and all…

So, this goes to my cousin and sister and other people at this age who are related to me, yes Yin-g, you too…i will laugh at you if you got into some shit like that, besides, MTV Africa is there, could hook you up with an African version of that show.

This post has been purely educational and am putting a disclaimer on terms and a few phrases and hope i wont be quoted.


Have a lovely Sunday y’all.



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