The Truth

The Next Three Days…Russel Crowe.

If you haven’t watched this movie, then you might be lacking something.  There is that point/moment in one’s life when they reflect on past glories and failures. That moment when they start to look at there worth. That moment that makes them. Well, I have been having those moments. It’s is surprising that that moment falls around this easter period. Uhm..

Well, I have been thinking. What is my worth. A question i ask because I feel powerless. A question I ask because am lost. A question I ask because am empty. A question I ask because am lonely. A question I ask because, deep down am depressed. Am looking for answers, and the books I read do not give me those answers.

Am looking. For WHAT, i wonder. I have been blogging and am not sure that my “thought process” is being shared. How would I maximise this thought process, exponentially sharing Ideas at a much greater level than this platform. Where is my POWER?

And then am listening to this song, “The Truth-Sound track to the above listed movie”…And in it I share solace. In there, It starts to speak to me. In there, I begin to have a conversation. In there, I feel uplifted like that pat on your shoulders from a close friend. In there I start to see the world in a different perspective. In there, my soul starts to open up. Because the song relates to that moment. That moment when everything is right. That moment everyone is looking for. That moment that defines ME. just that moment.

I start to wonder in my mind…As i walk through life, how many songs like these am i going to need to get through. What is life’s worth when you are looking to affect people you cant see. What is life…

I speak to you the blogger, the reader…Look for those moments. Look for what your life’s worth.

And as the song comes to an end…I sign out.



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