jUST ANother Post….

Going into reflective mode like i have been these past few days…or so i think.

I unleash the Samsung GT S5230…place the phones in my ears….one suddenly stopped working. It comes to work whenever it feels like…anyway….

Past Week.

Surprise SMS. Concerned party…you are well aware I couldn’t resist the urge to embellish the idea on this here page, so here goes. I was surprised that I got that message.

So, this weeks has been a long and nasty one…i dare say…exams after “ugandan” public holidays are very unhealthy….reading at odd hours before the paper I almost failed it. Yes, almost failed it. The tutor and I are close gangoz so i will definitely be marking myself in the holidays.

Well, i always refer to the title….Just Another Post.

Well, its just another post but not just an ordinary other post but another extra-ordinary post about this being another post. You see what I just did there…you see. Anyways…I applied to be a sub-urban legend and the following happens between when I get the post and after I read and internalize the post….


I read the post and they are looking for legends…..


I think I can apply. (this was supposed to be dramatic), none the less….I felt i should put myself out there. It might be an opportunity for someone to appreciate my written word and hopefully become a suburban lagend. Not really enthusiatic about being a Urban legend…Or am i.

So, I walk around where I am, trying to think of what I can write…and below are a few one liners I had come up with…

Police starving, Karoli Killed.
I am in Love…

thats is where I stopped…

Anyway, I was hoping you could publish this intro to the future suburban or urban legend. Me.

Peace out.


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