Castigate; to reprimand seriously….to do away with…to block (facebook)…delete contact (mobile)…To forget… (My brain).

Well, there are crazy moments when everything seems to be working out for you. Your philosophy in life, your friends, your enemies and haters and then, the flip side happens…and shit goes down the drain. What we normally call a bad day. Well, I have had a bloody bad week. Nothing seems to be working out for me and to make it worse, am sleep deprived, dehydrated, cancerous and a lot of other bullshit that is going down.

Where does this all begin? Remember, the say that all good things come to an end…followed by a good beginning ends in a bad ending. Yeah, that entire hullabaloo, well that just happened. Its a Sunday; I have a final presentation, exams and registration, all that bad shit happening in a good week to say the least.

Am a confused young fella and I like it that way, no high expectations for myself, simple life and nebegenderako (like this word)…but sometimes my simplicity becomes a complexity even I cant handle.

Lets talk about those things now….

Women…my granddad was a male pimp…and am starting to think I inherited some of that shit coz damn, when it comes to the fair sex, am very slow at reading the positive signs and first at reading the negative signs and am starting to hoard a few I might just become like him.

Break it down. When a chic is into you, uhm, you let her tag along for the ride, when she’s not, well, you tag along for her ride.

Enough about the ladies…let go deep…deep down, reach into the depths of the soul of the man who calls himself the thought process. What exactly is it that makes you sit down on a floor on a construction site on a day when the world is dependent on you and write about this. Maybe the thought process is tired. Maybe the mind is tired. Maybe the idleness that had been gathering in there is fed up. The flakes of dust coating over the brain that brings, rather has brought you this shit is fed up. I am tired of being me.

Someone once said Power recognizes power. Where is the power in that? There is nothing here to ‘WAKARIMASHTA.’

I sit here and idolize of the great things am trying to do. This is a whine post. Am tired. With all this power, there is no worthy opponent. And those that try quickly give up…am tired. Why cant life be simple. Sit and watch the sunset, over a hot cup of mujaja…

We spend all our lives looking for what to do…people to control and yet, there is none that can control the jinchuuriki in me.

Was bored I took a photo of me writing this article…yes that frustrated…..Net is slow, cant upload.

Below is me being pissed off. Net is very very slow I really cannot upload anything right now.

Well, like I was saying before I got carried away…All I need is another me…someone who is me.

The laws of balance always say that where there is a positive, a negative must exist (that’s why I have of recent started supporting Besigye), was never a big fan of that dude in a cape…anyways…yin and yang, good and bad…hence…what am I to expect. Opposites attract…like minds never…

Well….this is a conversation for another time.

To the people who make my life MISERABLE, word to the wise,





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