The paradox that is HUMAN-e

Ok, last weekend, someone announced that the World, as we know it will end. It didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting this…anyways, the world was supposed to end. He then disappeared, actually hid in a motel for two days and then on the third, like Jesus (pronounced He-szus) he clarified to the masses on air (radio) that he was sorry and he was apologetic and that his calculations from the bible were wrong.

That is just inhumane.

So, he said the actual day would be October 21st, 2011, a few months from now. This dude looks and is old, what has he got to live for, deny the masses of a peaceful mindset before his time comes…

Harold the Old man
Harold the Old man

So, I ask myself this question, why are human beings weak….mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually…why are we pathetic we always look for something or someone to blame and then say, ‘ Its human to be that way…or, we are only human’. Time and again, i keep on saying this,and whenever i meet people with such perspectives…i don’t hesitate but start to disseminate my own views of the way things are supposed to be in a rational and open minded way.


When a boy doesn’t like a girl, the most human thing (from girl perspective) is that the boy is ‘slow’…seriously. It is simply because the boy doesn’t not find the girl interesting enough to bone her….am just saying, but this is for the rational thinking dudes, not those bodaboda riders.

When a christian fails to do something, they blame it on the Β high GOD and go on to say they are only human beings…Nooo…it is simple, you are just dumb you spent half your night running around a compound shouting his name while that sharp dude who passed quickly notified the big MAN to help him read through the night and wake up in time.

I have heard and I am tired of listening to such pathetic excuses of being human…its shallow, weak and that makes you inhumane. I know we are not all supermen but only those who strive for perfection can attain excellence which is the closest thing to being inHUMAN as it is to being superman.

This is not a diss post, this is an awakening post to all those fcuk faces who for some unknown reason did some stupid shit and blamed it on being human. That you failed is human to you is simply saying you are incapable of being human. It is saying that you failed to fulfill your bloody purpose when thats what you claim you were born to do. It’s weak. Its inhumane…

In life, lets not go on looking for excuses as to why we continuously fail to achieve that power that was given to us by the Big MAN. I say Big MAN because to many, he is many things.

So, end of the world. A series of events has led me to think that may be Harold is right, the world might soon give in. Japan and Island moved/shifted a whole 2.5 metres…Icelandic volcanoes disrupting air travel for a week, War all over Africa and the Middle East, Recession and economic hard times in Europe and the Americas, South America has not contributed to any of this…its a crazy crazy world out there there cant be any mistakes for being human. Why, coz most of this trouble is being caused by inhumane human beings with a shallow perspective rather than a rational interpretation of what the world should be like. And the Earth is saying, fcuk the world, let me show them what am made of.

We are slowly depleting the human race and why, because for some unknown known reason we are human.

Quit the Human race or else you might find your self being swallowed by the Earth.



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