Kill the Irishman

Based on the true story of Danny Greene the man the mob couldn’t kill

I have this movie collection where I keep the Movies I feel i would watch and rewatch and ensuring I forget what happened and watch with a blank mind like it’s the first time I am watching this Movie and hence forth I give, to you, Kill the Irishman.

Before we go afar into the depths of this here movie, I would like to say the movie unusual suspects doesn’t fall in this category, reason, script was good, actors, good but story line…eh! I think Kaizer Soizze was good plot but in the end…just another good movie I dont think I will rewatch. But then again, Its a must-have-in-your-collection movie.

So, to Kill an Irishman is based upon the story of Danny Greene, an guy who schooled himself and later became president of a Union and later goes on to threaten the Cleveland mafia and climaxes with his death and the downfall of the Mafia in the USA as a whole in the late 1970-ies. Tried killing or attempted to kill him 8 times but all failed. He survived a bomb blast. He unlike mafia who like using guns used the Irish fist pumps.

Great movie, why?

For all you lawless and lawfull soul searching soulless MothaF——s….this a good one to get you reflecting (as you realise, I like reflecting upon, on…) and getting yourself together. Back to the point…


The Conversations in here, the accents was a charmer for those who feel this. Italian, Irish, English…a mixture, not over done but well done.

Story line…Good

I mean, at the end of the day, there has got to be a message, and basically…Kill the Irishman told the story of how a robinhood Danny Greene brought downΒ  the mafia and the organised crime syndicate in the USA, i mean, the whole country. Based on a the book written by a Mafia Descendant, a Rick Porrello, Kill the Irishman. And most times, one outdoes the other, i.e, the Movie and Book are two different entities but this one, like Lord of the Rings tells the actual story with snippets from actual testaments and old videos of the dude. It is a gratifying accomplishment on its own. When you watch or read, few questions are asked because the image created in the book is the same with that in the movie. Enough said.


The screen play is basically the compostion of the Movie and the graphics and design. And this told the time, from the cars, to the culture to dress code to all the other things. The actors themsleves were good in trying to capture this…in that they went for people with similar backgrounds…I mean, the Italians looked Italian and the Irish looked Irish…awesomeness just.
Costume design….Awesome

Actors…Very Good.

And the list will go one but these are key ‘ingredients’ in having a very good movie. The music was fantastic in that not only did it captivate me but brought a tear to my eye. The music captured an emotion and told the story the way it wanted to be percieved. Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword…

As i listen to the soundtracks, I cant help it but think of this great Irishman, Danny Greene, his story and life…of greatness and the one dude that brought down the whole mafia, and take it from me, writing about it does it injustice, look it up, the book, the movie and see…what are we made of…the thought process is just but a tiny litte bit of what man is made off.

I feel like am an Irishman when I watch the movie and that is what makes a Movie a movie…to be able to relate at a certain level the human possibilites that you could be one or could have been them…to actaully take your death as IS.

Enough said. Peace



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