Die Robot Die

Sudden realisation that the key to success lies in the amount of risk am willing to take at this stage. That the actual midlife crisis of the Ugandan is in his mid twenties if the life span is 48 depending on how you view it.

Of recent, I have taken a certain fascination in japanese, obliviously influenced by the manga and anime am consuming on a daily basis am now able to construct a few sentences, but truth is, there is a cetain untapped power Man has become accustomed to, Laziness. For some unknown reason, we are always to lazy to be at our best, normally due to the comfort we realise. But am sure some other great or non-great guy thought through this.

Jabbawockeez rocks I actually am going to try dancing, for now, to keep me busy till I think of something new to do

I actually forgot what I wanted to post about!

Anyway, its just a sudden realisation of one’s potential that you get the zeal to actually do something which i have but men…this infection called laziness is holding me back.

Again, I just felt like posting and when the time comes, I will post what was on my mind!