Mic Check…testing testing

give me tha beat, give me tha beat dj…

dum da dum da da dum da dum da da ti

been feeling a whole nauseated by whats been going on around me
Punks feeling they know me that need to go ratatatata bang
and tha beat flowing through me like musisi vs lukwago
am going to golola those little punks like that sudanese last friday
sudanese now free in the south from the north
bang bang the dollar done shoot up like a rabbies infested bitch
she all up in my groove like a thong up one’s a**
gone give life a wedgie if dont stop acting up
like that fat ass who dont want to cut there weight and
that weighing scale that said i was 90
spitting spit fire from my lungs like a child with whooping cough
the flow flowing like a river with damn meanders
running run away i should take flight in air ug
like our blood economy is being dried by illiterate fools
who gone done and written books( shit on them) about
there humble yet blood sodied lives eating dick from that
press it dent in that bold headed fickle cripple who gone kill us soon
if we keep on shutting an eye
police policing thugs whose running the system dry taking innocent lives
police thugging innocents under triffling matters of security they claim they providing
non stop this bull crap been going on my lungs gone run dry with these issues
buyaga buyaga buyaga am tired of this non sense

give them the beat give them tha beat

brought to you from the lugaflow


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