Life! Keep living and loving it.

Like I posted a while ago, maybe a year, life is for living and loving it. I dont know how am going to phrase this post because I want to tackle several issues at ago, dont know where to start but definitely at the end, my rant shall have ended.

One, know your friends. I mean, it is always interesting when a buddy changes there alliances because of a situation in the moment and when the moment ends, that awkward moment arises. FYI, always keeps your ninjas (friends) in the loop, there are your back bone and without them, shit doesn’t go down, so, watch this space ninja, be careful who you tread on.

Bitches, bitches, bitches. This is the only place when i can writeΒ these here words and not worry about the consequences. I got into a fight with this here lady, over my decision to forfeit my alliances with her based on concrete evidence that I was not in the right position with her and I got scolded for it. So, question begs, why do i have to be held accountable for decisions other people are not willing to accept. Grow up! Life is for living and not everything goes your way in life.

Bad dreams and guts. i awoke at 2 in the morning after having a nightmare. And i felt something calling to me, deep in my gut. SO, I walk to my kid brothers rooms, I wake him and and while I did that, i realise a broken glass in his bed, call it instinct but you never know what could have happened then. So, I cleared his bed, dressed him up and went back to sleep. Which brings me to the thought, we have deep connections with people we are closest to. That sad feeling that rises out of no where could be someone else’s pain. We are not alone.

September. I honestly feel like yesterday is Januaury. Hope I got the spelling right. But, time has lost meaning and I honestly cant put a finger to it. Things randomly happening, the day begins and ends in a jiff and I cant put a finger to it. Why, I wonder, am I really that old that the perception of time had lost meaning to me. I awake and sleep and feel that nothing has happened the whole day.

I say to you, make meaning out your life….maybe it shall be worth it.




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