July Tidings, Oktober Harvest!

I wont lie to you, Men are as dumb as they come. I am a man, and i too sometimes admit my dumbness.

A synopsis about the title, well, its about a girl. And thats where my dumbness begins. I met this girl a few months ago, and since then, i have been a mess. A mess, how  or rather why, you ask!

Well, of all the girls I ever posted about on this blog, non are my friends to date. Some I posted about the past and some about the present and yes, some , about the good and some about the bad. So, why should i start posting again about this lady. No, I shant, wont, cant.

Thats where my dumbness arises. this article has been in the offing for quite a while now and I haven’t been able to move from it since then..till my dumbness ceased and I deleted what i had written about everything and anything about the above title.

So, I say to you, my dumbness ceases now. i declare this dumbness done. I quit.

PEACE out.


This is totally free flow.

Ok, am not one to retaliate but this i had to. I talked to someone who openned my eyes and yes, am not going to change who I am just so you can finally say you told me so.

I like being young, youthful and immature because, well, am young, youthful and immature. i take life by the balls and I dont have to be calculative or accountable on anyone’s part because am ME. Those words might not mean much to you, but maybe it is time you changed your attitudes towards life. Life will never be about what you want and what is supposed to be. things change and situations change.

People change. I changed and felt i no longer needed someone like you in my life. Maybe i didn’t need you then, but your calculative and conservative ways actually did that, and I was to blame for a decision i made. A decision I hade made forth willing when I knew the consquences. And you held it against me like a scorned bitch and I still wonder to myself, whats up with that!

Anyway, Lengoma, this is a song i am listening to and I barely know what it means but I aint stopping for you, even in maturity, I never look back at the past and what I let go. Stop bloody posting about me or I will keep on being immature.

PEACE outttttttt.


i hate that when i walk from the past, it keeps following me like the moon in the night.

i hate that when i hate, i can never unhate for a very long time.

i hate it when you keep dragging my name in your posts.

i hate it when am called child

i hate when i lend you, i have to borrow it back like you lent me.

i hate liars who are dressed up in white make up preaching the truth and fucking our monies

i hate you. just so you know, nothing can change, whether am grown or not, hate will always be hate.

i hate you more. just wanted to remind you i hate like a scorned motherfuck.

i hate that i wasted effort in things that got me nowwhere.

i hate me, for not hating enough. i hate.

I hate.