July Tidings, Oktober Harvest!

I wont lie to you, Men are as dumb as they come. I am a man, and i too sometimes admit my dumbness.

A synopsis about the title, well, its about a girl. And thats where my dumbness begins. I met this girl a few months ago, and since then, i have been a mess. A mess, how  or rather why, you ask!

Well, of all the girls I ever posted about on this blog, non are my friends to date. Some I posted about the past and some about the present and yes, some , about the good and some about the bad. So, why should i start posting again about this lady. No, I shant, wont, cant.

Thats where my dumbness arises. this article has been in the offing for quite a while now and I haven’t been able to move from it since then..till my dumbness ceased and I deleted what i had written about everything and anything about the above title.

So, I say to you, my dumbness ceases now. i declare this dumbness done. I quit.

PEACE out.


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