Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part 1)

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

I am guessing we have all heard this.

Well, l have been reflecting on these very words for quite a while. I always like to tell a good story, and it normally involves me and some great escapade, and yes, that makes me a self obsessed Sob but it does mean I always look for the thrill in life.

So, it all started at a party around June, four months ago, where I glimpsed at this girl. In my mind she was stunning but I seemed to be preoccupied then, and seemed to brush it off. When the party was done, and as we went for the after party, I was hoping I could bump into her, but that didn’t happen either. When I inquired, I was told she had gone home.

A couple of weeks later, when the recess period seemed to end, my friends and I went to see her. Don’t ask me why, it was not my doing, but she seemed to have captivated everyone at the party. As our delegation ascended onto the hall of residence, there were thrills, since I seemed to lead the delegation there.

I had come with one mission, and it was to spit vibe. I needed to get her contact. And she came, and like hazy eyes looking into flashing lights, she looked stunning. I was blown away the second time. Her simplicity resonated a complexity in the way the light hit her body and her cloth accentuated her curves made the loins crave her proximity, her touch.

I stammered a few things, as I tried to ask for her number. She didn’t mind it either. She was in a rush and we seem to hold her so she begged to be left, but we dragged her along to where we were headed. I tried to mumble a few things her way but I could barely say something. I would put stammering to shame. My consolation was that I had gotten her number but I would later learn it was not to be.

My stammering came to a halt when she quickly turned down my intentions of courting her, by insisting she was dating and it was useless.

In me, a challenge arose. I needed to represent. At that moment, I could have backed down and said, well, she is already taken, why bother. Then again, it was common tendency for pretty ladies to tell guys they had no interest in they were being seen by someone else. I accepted it as a challenge to myself to see if I can actually get through to her. Besides, I had to atone for the rowdiness I seemed to have portrayed earlier and my brunt confident approach.

I tried to burn an image into my head but it kept on conflicting between beautiful goddess and her. But I had learned patience. A couple of years, I had courted ladies and my slowness was taken rather as a habit of failure, since I really took long to ask them out, but this time, I was not going to rush. I had the shot holiday to come up with a ‘strategy.’

In those two weeks, time seemed to still, I tried sending messages but I barely got a reply. I shared my dilemma with a couple of guys, obliviously omitting the lady in question, and some suggested trying to call using a different line but that too was not going to do it either. During that holiday, we had a birthday party where I invited her, and she declined due to more pressing matters. On that birthday party, birthed the idea of a pizza and wine, where a couple of friends and I could catch up. This was the chance opportunity I needed. I quickly called and set a date for the pizza and wine a couple of weeks later. I didn’t bother to make contact with her, maybe I feared I was not going to make any more impressions, and I was done cleaning up my mess.

Pizza and wine came and I called just to confirm. The length without contact left me worried, that she might have cancelled or rather come up with other plot.

Surprisingly, she hadn’t. I had to primp myself. Put on all the charm for the day. It was the first I had seen her in quite a while, and it was time to make an impression. That was the beginning of my foolishness.

 Stay Hungry.

There are times when you feel hopeless, when the sun sets before you, and you ask yourself what your worth was this day, and an emptiness in you wells up. Well, if you were given a day to live, you would live knowing it was your last. As you awake and sleep tonight, sleep like tomorrow is your last, and awake, and do things that might start giving meaning to your life.

We once asked what we wanted to be in life, and we said Happy, because Happiness is a key to living life. make it count.




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