Soundtrack to my Life

Where has life put you now? What will happen tomorrow?

Just read a great poem, and here are a few things I to want to highlight!

So it is, what has been! So is gone what cant come back!

It is futile the countless number of times we wish what has been couldn’t be! When we make mistakes, when we fail, when we suffer but most especially when someone you know, care and love passes on. We hope there is a better place they are going to but most especially it reminds us of the little time we to have got here.

So live like there isn’t a next moment, cramp your plans in the minutest of periods, hang onto the critical path as your life line and breath only at the end of the race.

Simply put, life is for living. And with this I would like to dedicate a moment of silence to our dearest departed. It hurts you are gone and we are more scared when we cant seem to understand why life is as subtle as the wind blowing in every direction. We seek to understand it in future plans and dreams but like those, they to end.

So, I have decided to atleast listen to my heart, and make every moment count.

Peace Out.

#NP Soundtrack to my Life #Kid Cudi #Man on the Moon.


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