A friend of mine in one of those facebook chat thingies created this concoction, a mix between puzzled and confused, whichever way you want to look at it.

Am in that dilemma. AM confuzzled. Why?

Well, she is making me go mad. I think I achieved that level of cold years ago when I dated a few demons but this, this is different. Yes, we all know how they are different situations…but this is different how? Well, lets say I was there, I was never there. Like the almost never dated part, yes, that is where i stand. I want to run, I need to run but I cant. Hurting her is not an option…

What should I do? But then again, she has someone, and I have no one. I am stukc in this dark cold place…Its not my first here, I actually think I should be accustomed to being in this position, but somethings is different!

Well…the question is…


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