Well, Goodbye 2011, Bring 2012

I have a lot to think about and write these past few months but in shot;

I had an operation, sort of brought my life force down but now am trying to pump myself with lots of it!

I have been side-dishing with this lady, girl for the past 6 months and its just ridiculous!

I have learnt the art of patience

I have become wiser, yes, a lot wiser than i was before!

I started a company and it has been very slow at picking up due to the legalities and compromise on all sides, clients and workers!

now, lets start with the jazz…

Well, today is the last blog for this year as we quickly approach the New year but what is interesting is I have a paper on the 2nd, Monday at 2.00pm and i havent made an attempt to read for it.

And, i now surmise that, in relationships, beauty is more correlative to amount of time you spend with that one person, they either become ugly or more beautiful to you, choice is yours…now, am not one to say i dont have my chinks but damn, girls…girls….girls….

Where is SHE? time and time again i have left the fates to help me make the choice in this thing called love but that doesnt seem to be working for me of late. I have spotted a few here and there but that has unwittingly ended in disaster and it aint always my fault…so, a beg *nigerian accent*, where are you, woman, am tired of waiting…I have placed my cards on the table, and am hoping to get some feedback.

Well, we always find that one person who fulfils the requirements but is attainable in terms of conflicting ideologies such as religion, tribe, race which is common custom to many African people that they engage in partners of same ideology. Wish i could say no, but even i have fallen to the customary requirements of looking for a better half…but those again are 2011 issues.

well, goodbye 2011, bring in 2012