I dont CaRe


A couple of times i go back to the Rhythm and Blue’s that once  defined me a few years back before my innocence was scraped by HipHop and Rock!

This particular song has been playing on Sanyu Fm for quite sometime but I waited for the presenter/dj/ rp to tell me the artist and still they never said. SO, today as I was travelling to site somewhere after Nansana, the song played in the background and it got me thinking,

“i dont Care”

Well, the past few weeks have been horrible. I posted the following paragraph and got retribution! Scorn a lady type a thing!

Secondly, there is a moral dilemma I am faced with, i have dated, or been a side dish in presence not action to some ka gurl now our contract ends and the question is, do i just walk away after all this time of ‘pretending’ to be in a relationship or do i stick around. Its not a bad thing to stick around but its frustrating when they use you for other things other than that wish you wish to be used for!

Removed from blog post coz of F! End or year 2011!

So, yes and that above is what i posted, but there comes a point when all said and done, the truth sets you free. If you know what the end results are, why then do we keep on trying.

Patience pays. yes…Nah…..
Well, time spent with someone is cool, if you grow attached, cool, if you know you are never going to date them, not cool. I mean, why would you continue walk a path which leads no where.

If people share more in a friendship, feelings tend to grow, and if one party is involved, well, lets just say I would be a fool to play that game. These randomsies are bloody boring.

Anyway, simple, I dont care, I dont attach, I never hurt you, yes, you who is reading this, so, i owe you nothing but a good time and a good conscience.

I still haven’t learnt my lessons to this day, my mentor who literally scotch my bloody balls. Well, there they go!

New Year


Well, if you didn’t see fireworks at the Sheraton or from wherever you were around Kampala, then I will assume you are still in 2011, prefarably December 31st! And I did, from Sheraton, Serena and surprise Aya Hilton…

So, I have decided to think about the New Year and the apparent Resolutions we always come up with and fancy names we give to them, such as Financial prosperity, well, if you still working the same job and position, where will the prosperity come from? So, I dont have resolutions but Markers for this Year…

1. Finish the previous year’s resolutions, i.e 2011. A lot still pending!

2. Well, financial properity. If its illegal, It can pass in Ug.

3. Look for a wife. Yes, am not married.

4. Get back with the ex-es…we need ‘closure’

5. Not be responsible for anything I do, or think about doing.

Enough of this crap…

My new year started with a few complications, and am trying to solve them, but the monster within me is slowly taking over, where compassion easily turns to rage, patience slowly becomes demotive, a scary past slowly creeps in. if you read what i wrote, the post below, well, this is a blog and whatever i say is just what I am thinking, am i a bad person? Well, I am not going to defend my self, and what i ‘feel’ but dont take everything you see face-wise.

Happy New Year Folks.

Peace Out.

Reading- The Fourth Installation of Eragon

Music- Going back to 2007, the beginning of my Music taste buds

Movies-Well, nothing new!

Work – Well, hoping to get a ‘positive’ feedback from my clientelle!

Gadget of the year – Amazon Kindle, pdf reader!

Keep you posted, next blog… “2011, Polls”