If you are reading this….

am smiling and waving. For those who dont know, I use this medium to rant about the many things i usually rant about. And am typing this on IE9 because Chrome is busy doing another blog. It thinks it can cheat on me. But that other blog is also mine. You can check it out here….follow the link. http://mycrit.wordpress.com

Am a hater. No, not a big one but when I hate, I hate big time. So, its a big time thing not a big one thing. Am Ugandan, well, what more can you hate about being Ugandan, its a big one thing, but I hate Ugandans, now that is a big time thing. We are very socially unresponsive to the social responsive things that we need to be socially responsive too.

Now, as you all know, am a hater, but this one thing got me hating even more. I am a lover,  scratch that, am a passionate person, and when I set out to do things, I set out to do them right, but all these things always have deadlines. So, I set out to do this passionate thing called dating, and along side the dating, I signed a contract for 6 months trial, if all failed, i would return and get a refund. And six months down the road, I returned and got a refund because I was being accused of having the SideDish syndrome.

If you are attempting to read this, the SideDish syndrome is simply simple. You are a side dish.

Well, I returned the goods to the owner in good shape and size, and asked for a refund, which they refused to give me. Now am hating.

Why dont I always get refunds on goods once procured! Well, like I was saying, this is a big one thing, now to the big time thing! As a proffesional side dish wanna be, when a someone asks for you to continue sidedishing on the pretext of upgrading your servies to friend zone or actual friends with beyond benefits now entangled in feelings, that is a big time hating thing. And this I HATE. This-Is-Sparta.

Well, if you are reading this to the end, have a good day, if you just scrolled through, I am not afraid of cursing, FUCK YOU. Just typed it, do what you can! I got big cahones! And just thought that in spanish!

Happy Easter Everyone. Hope you are lenting! And best of blessings! Adieu, and au revoir!

Peace OuT!


Failure knows no bounds.

Tried and I have failed many times. It just got worse, some bitch gives me the whole ‘you could have done this, you had everything, it just needed a little analysis’. An 8 page essay done in 4 hours, after missing the whole semester. And of all, the hardest of questions. The idea, is whether I should confront this failure or should I sit back and relax like the countless times before.

Frustrating I know, but what can one do! Do i ask for a remark on a new exefather. rcise, do I ask for a new exercise!

Am tired, like the many countless times I have been of being compared to my old man. Everytime I did/ do something wrong, it has to reflect on his image, positively or negatively. I am not my father, and I dont intend to be my father.

Well, I failed, Again and this time, i feel like am tired.  Tired of all the bullshit, and this time, I stand and fight! How, is the question?

Not yet

I thought i could stay away for long, but I was wrong. I deceived myself into believing that I need to concetrate on one rather the two things I was doing, but alas, its barely been a week and here I am talking to myself as I slowly compose what I write.

This is an art, one I never used to appreciate. When I was still young, I dreamt big, thought bigger and did little, yet here I am writing like I have found the secret to something.

Crushes are very funny things. I always get them and whilst I have them, I start to loose them and this takes quite a short while. But this has got me thinking. I was angry about two weeks ago, which saw my trips to Kikoni cancelled for good. I had a crush on this here little girl and decided to pay her visit. I carried along her favourite snack, popcorn, as this time I thought in my head, would be the time when i tell her how I have felt about her.

While in Kikoni, a couple of our friends happen to come by and chill. A game of scrabble was started but then again, these folk are from Kikoni, their attempts at a proper game were futile as the scores did reflect the difference. This was supposed to loosen me up as she went about her things.

But alas, crushes do come to an end. Whilst celebrating my victory, she gave the loser a frontal lap dance, which sort of reminded me of those white sex flicks, where the girl is atop the little boy. And my excitement was shuttered. That little bubble in my head burst and there was nothing more in there. I was disgusted but, I had to show face. I quickly faked an emergency I had to take care of at home and disappeared. I haven’t comfortably spoken with her and in that crush void in my head, a seething anger ripples at flakes of thoughts of ever having a crush on her again. Now, she’s just an enemy in my head.

Then again. it was my crush not hers so, why hate. Maybe that was her dude.

I have recently been a free dude. I call myself the Side dish. The side dish is either and appetizer or desert. Well, its what i do best, I fix relationships. I have never been one for those sultry deep emotions that run when people get involved. I always found myself getting tired. Well, thats why i like being a side dish.

I wanted to write a poem…

Not yet
I idle in my mind,
what could or couldn’t have been
a ripple i might have set
an effect infected invested in thought

Life is a journey. I still write my stories.

I have a crush! Only thing, i waiting for it to end!