Failure knows no bounds.

Tried and I have failed many times. It just got worse, some bitch gives me the whole ‘you could have done this, you had everything, it just needed a little analysis’. An 8 page essay done in 4 hours, after missing the whole semester. And of all, the hardest of questions. The idea, is whether I should confront this failure or should I sit back and relax like the countless times before.

Frustrating I know, but what can one do! Do i ask for a remark on a new exefather. rcise, do I ask for a new exercise!

Am tired, like the many countless times I have been of being compared to my old man. Everytime I did/ do something wrong, it has to reflect on his image, positively or negatively. I am not my father, and I dont intend to be my father.

Well, I failed, Again and this time, i feel like am tired.  Tired of all the bullshit, and this time, I stand and fight! How, is the question?


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