dashboard confessions!

Title of a band, right! Well, I am keeping this under 500 words or beyond that I will be confusing the both of us.


I never knew I could be depressed let alone with the zeal for life I have had. But well, when the money goes, ans the bitches come [Jay Z] and the stress loads up, not even your body can resist that shit. SO, I last two weeks, I know what it feels like.


Well, its not a pleasant feeling, and when it happens, you feel the soul sucking dilemma of, when shall my time be, how and will i be free then! Well, the only truth is that our fate lies in that direction.


Dont we all love them! Well, I sat down and realised, am allergic to relationships which involve carrying handbags, constant texting, calling after midnight, and since am not fully employed, spending my money! So, until I find someone who can negate all those, am still going to whine about WOMEN!


Well, I do puzzle at my course choice and the implications it has, will have on me! Not that am complaining, but I should, 5 years is a very long time! And so I sit and analyse the three years, and ask the question, is that enough time to produce a work force that is going to walk on the streets. And I ask, with this system in place, can they [3 years] find a solution to an ever growing problem.

Social Issues!

‘Without the armour, what are you?’

“Rich handsome philanthropist and a genius!”

If this was how powerful I was,then the world would be a better place.

Well, enjoy your day!


Reading – Nothing

Listening – Going back to the LugaFlow roots

Watching – Nothing.


Everything you ever wanted is right infront of your eyes, you just have to open them!

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