No title!

The paradox that is and will always be women!

Deep in the dark abyss of my eyes, covered by the musky tears that form my eyes, I hurt. I hurt so bad, typing this post took awhile. Opening and closing tabs I did, trying to get the energy to pen the first word, and finally I have done.

I once laughed at the men who boasted they could never love one woman, their love was to strong to be contained, yet, here I was, in a fix, one that had me speechless as I saw what had happened. Was it that one moment that betrayed me? I sat and reflected on the first night we had met, when everything was perfect.

That night she had said something, something I hadn’t heard, but when I asked, I had found out. And what was my reaction… dead silence. I thought I should have asked, asked if what she said could have meant much more? But, never did I and here my assumptions and presumptions continue.

She hasn’t called, we last talked a while, and the last we did, it was in haste, like something she did was much more important than what I had to say. If we only could rewind time, but that will still remain and if.

You my crush are creating dilemmas in my head. I have failed to think straight and the skewed lines that form in my head are not any much better. I am afraid to tell you, for you insist you don’t care, and my pride is deep seated in there.

That is my paradox!

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