Its June!

The middle of the year, I guess. That time where I reflect upon things past as usual! And well, dream about the future too!

I am a youthful sharp, witty and humble person, or so I believe and I have never been really employed but then again, that is the status quo in our country right now. Not that am complaining, because being able bodied means I should be able to do something. I once had a mentor, well, he still is but times have changed and our lives have drifted, but before I actually knew him, I didn’t really know what or who he was.

I once thought he was an Architect, I mean, all the conversations I had with him were on architecture and its elements. He advised me on how to do my work, defined my thought process and how to present my ideas. Then again, I was wrong.

I once thought he was a lawyer and avid poet, because, again, all his friend were lawyers and poets and he seemed to argue a lot with them. My perception too was wrong.

I once thought he was an economist, because in his final year, when he said he was going for a paper, it was an economic paper in FEMA! Well, I was wrong again.

They once told me he’s into communication. I asked, What exactly is communication? Well, he was doing Mass Communication and he was finishing. This I got to learn after 6 months of being mentored. For one to be all these things in my head, he was really good at creating perceptions and further enabling them with the relevant knowledge.

I have met a couple of people, with different interests that I too shared in them. And I put my whole because I too wanted to take on a persona with different perceptions. I hear the youth out there cry about how there are no jobs, cry about how life is expensive. Well, I beg to differ. All those words coming out of your mouth, are are incepted thoughts.

I once argued with a friend over why the generation today is quick to want to run out of their comfort zones.

You are earning a miserly 800,000/- per month, you just joined the ‘buy-a-car-loan’ so your salary is cut into half, you paying rent, cut the other half, you are buying food, cut the other half, you are paying water and electricity bills, cut the other half, you want to enjoy the expensive life….cut the other half, you are always BROKE and you are still 23.

Stay at home, no bills, no rent! Take a lift from your parents, no fuel, no car, no insurance. Save the money you have, and you are still a big winner. Lets live within our means, lets live within our comfort zones. Whats the rush? You married?

The greatest plight of the Youth today is the inability to fully utilise their potential thus stranded in a loop…saying life is hard, that there are no jobs…well, your mind is dormant…wake it up!

And that there is my Mid Year…I am thinking, I am going places…I just have to be perceptive.

Travel Blues!

The sun streaming, the bus humming, the earphones plugged in on a sunny Monday afternoon ride back home, its been 5 days of vacation with a couple of friends. From a serene environment back to the hustle and bustle of the Kampala sun!

I have several thoughts on my mind, but first, its to get home safe.

Last evening, I covered a 6 hour trek up the Mabanga hill! Exhilaration at the most, moments coming to a close though as the holiday is ending soon!

Life has a language it speaks to us, and many times, I have chosen to run away from the things that stress me the most, but this time, its a 4 hour trip back home, I have no choice but to indulge my thought process.

Life is for living, I always believe that, and we are only here once, and ultimately when our time comes, we seek not to be forgot, for when that happens, we seize to exist! So, lets live like we are here once, love like you have never loved, share like you have never shared, and believe like you have never believed. Allow for yourself to grow and experience everything at its most. To hell with the inhibitions…go forward, look back just to see the trail of experiences you have had.

Whilst I was travelling, I got the blues, I was trapped in a moment, one with no regrets but rather sadness that this awesomeness had come and had to come to an end. I looked at their faces too, they told the same story and only a plain few nods and shakes spoke.

So, I tell you my friend, go and get moments and make them count!