Travel Blues!

The sun streaming, the bus humming, the earphones plugged in on a sunny Monday afternoon ride back home, its been 5 days of vacation with a couple of friends. From a serene environment back to the hustle and bustle of the Kampala sun!

I have several thoughts on my mind, but first, its to get home safe.

Last evening, I covered a 6 hour trek up the Mabanga hill! Exhilaration at the most, moments coming to a close though as the holiday is ending soon!

Life has a language it speaks to us, and many times, I have chosen to run away from the things that stress me the most, but this time, its a 4 hour trip back home, I have no choice but to indulge my thought process.

Life is for living, I always believe that, and we are only here once, and ultimately when our time comes, we seek not to be forgot, for when that happens, we seize to exist! So, lets live like we are here once, love like you have never loved, share like you have never shared, and believe like you have never believed. Allow for yourself to grow and experience everything at its most. To hell with the inhibitions…go forward, look back just to see the trail of experiences you have had.

Whilst I was travelling, I got the blues, I was trapped in a moment, one with no regrets but rather sadness that this awesomeness had come and had to come to an end. I looked at their faces too, they told the same story and only a plain few nods and shakes spoke.

So, I tell you my friend, go and get moments and make them count!



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