Hello, Hello!

Intense Moments of thought

I haven’t been this giddy or excited before, couple with confusion.

I have been listening to this song Hello by Mindless Behavior! Yes, thats how bad it is…well, mostly because this song got me in the zone earlier today morning and its been this way since morning.

Well, my friends did travel early in the morning and well, they should have arrived home safely or are checking in at Heathrow Airport now. Its just how amazing what this past few days have been like. No, scratch that, its amazing how these past two [2] weeks have been. I have never felt for someone like this before.

In Hello, they sing that the only way to a girl’s Heart is by what you say, they ask whether they can talk to her on another level, they say again say, they wont waste her time, as long as they are online, and conclude that what she needs is on her finger tips right now…Wishful thinking I know.

I met her a couple of weeks ago and the chemistry just set in. Everything felt right, the way she leaned in when stopped to talk or when we were seated together talking. Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic.

Yes, hopeless romantic might define that. But I am madly in love and mad is not an exaggeration. Been thinking about her every moment, recalibrating and replaying every situation we were stuck in. As we walked side by side, as we held hands, as I held her waist and she pulled in my hand closer. Those eyes. Yes, eyes so deep, I have been lost in the abyss several times when I looked into them.

Well, only problem with this love is, Hello, yes, is it just wishful thinking. I need an answer from her…and when I asked, well, yes….

Hello, will you be mine. Is that too much to ask for. Yes, I thought about this very moment and time is against me, but I want to be stuck in this loop forever. Bubba, my little heart is bleeding. Not that I dont want to move on, but I want to savour every moment. That one moment last evening where I held you close to me as we locked lips, the intensity, the beauty, the love, the need and desire in that very moment, I can never walk away from that. Yes, moving on, well…how?

Like a chess game, I think ahead and well, I am losing this game in all fronts. Am sacrificing my pieces just to be with you. I wont walk away like this wasn’t the best thing that has happened. Yes, I asked the fates to write our story in the stars. Forget Romeo and Juliet Bubba, this here has got my heart pounding in only ways you know as your head rested upon my chest. Is it too much? Am I asking for too much? Am I confused? Please let me be these things…

I know what can and cant be…but letting go is not one of them…moving on, to what exactly? It would be Mindless Behavior to believe someone can best you…

Stuck in this beautiful moment.

I cried…grown me dont, but my heart’s tear fall slowly, waiting for an answer.



40 days, 40 smiles!

Well, what more can an Orphan ask for, if not for a parent, a person who cares enough to understand their situation.

I recently attended Breakfast With the Orphans courtesy of 40 days and 40 smiles started by a wonderful lady I know as E-star, and I feel maybe her name should be A-Star for the wonderful things she’s done for the Orphans at God’s Grace Orphanage started by a one Aunt Maria.

Aunt Maria of GGO
Aunt Maria of GGO

I was once involved with God’s Grace Orphanage [GGO]some time ago, I was overly gassed and with time, run out of steam as I lacked the camaraderie, but the tides have changed and I had to see for myself.

On this Breakfast with the Orphans at GGO I was with other ‘Single Fathers’  OP and Peter ! And in the little pockets of conversation, we wondered at how great one person could make such a sacrifice as we interacted with the youngings, all gassed to see us and awaiting the goodies that had been brought!

A one Martin caught our eyes, even as the fates had it, he seemed like a future politician, not with the words that had people driving him around.

A one Bahati thanked me in all forms of broken English, and in me it stirred a need to even be around more. [Not missing any future Breakfasts]

I am here doing two things, THANKING the awesome people who took their time to meet and interact with the Orphans, keep it up, kudos. Am also here, insisting that you reader come and JOIN the Band Wagon and play the role as these are the future, the future today, tomorrow and yesterday.

Here is a small manifesto on what 40 Days and 40 smiles is all about!

40 Days…over 40 smiles:-) was started to provide for less fortunate children and give them an opportunity to have a life equal to anyone, with as many chances as those brought up by both parents or better.

We welcome volunteers,well wishers and all good Samaritans with open arms.
Our team is dedicated to these children and we try to nurture them as we would our own.

Whereas several charity organisations worldwide have taken to swindling cash or having ‘ghost projects, we have a firm foundation and provide accountability for all that is received. There are records for anyone who wishes to have access to them.

Knowing that our doors are open to everyone should not be used as a marketing gimmick. Charity is not the ‘in thing.’ It simply comes from the heart.It isn’t about religion or race but what you choose to share with those around you as you see fit.

We are not a trend, cool gadget or appliance that can be shown off to the world. Our vents are not a chance to get a photo op. They are a chance to bond, to smile, to make a difference in people’s lives.

When we choose to spend time with these children at any event, whether it is a breakfast, birthday, eater or Christmas party, it is because we want to be with them and genuinely enjoy it. Therefore it loses purpose if we spend an entire day with them and leave without knowing who they are, what is important to them or what gives them reason to get up to yet another day.

Matthew 6:2-4 
“So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. 3But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

I am grateful for being a part of this bunch of awesome people and here is how you can help. Join the Band, come this Sunday and lets DO THIS!

Hoops for Grace!
Hoops for Grace!

I cant say any more than I already have said. Just join us and be a part of the Awesomeness!

For any more information, just click the links and you will definitely find what you are looking for.


Stay Blessed.

OP the Single Father and new Son Martin
OP the Single Father and new Son Martin

Writers Club!

Welcome to the writers club, for all the writers with the mightiest touch…

I write what like, I like what I write!
I like to be right, but I don’t really write to be liked!

Well, today morning has really been an awkward one.

We are in love! Are we? Or are blind? Or maybe its just love in a hopeless place!

I awoke and had the most awesome and awkward conversation with this person I think am in love with till someone decided to spoil the boiling broth by adding some cold water! I have now been forced to restart the conversation but this time I am less gassed.

What is love? I don’t know, I hate it, I don’t believe in it, but yet, when it’s her, I seem to want to use it, because apparently, it best describes what she is to me.

MCs don’t cipher as much, we need to read and write as a writers club

Love is many things, all I can say, believe or don’t, but there’s always that one person who fits perfectly. Like old romance novels that have the girl fit within every crevice of the handsome chiseled body, I am starting to think they were writing about me and her! The body language speaks love, adoration, respect, want, need for that one person to be close to you!

Come to think of it, the night at the barbecue when I was with her in the dark corridor, I held her and she turned, and my body went all ‘kiss her’! I could feel the intense pull, the glow in her eyes even in the very darkness! She tagged at my shirt and its then I knew, there was something. Something we were both denying, something we knew couldn’t be.

Or could it. I sat in the car that evening thinking about that one moment, maybe I was wrong, but am sure I was sober! She had forbid I take any alcohol, and try as I may, when I held the beer, the convulsion towards the bottle was awakened in me by her words. Drinking anything would go against my promise to her.

How can someone have so much power, tame you, and have you listen to their every word? Well, she was, she was doing it, unknowingly she didn’t know she was the one taming me all this time. That the first time I held her in my arms I needed for her to remain in my arms! Every time I held her, she found the right crevice in which to place her head, the way she placed her hand on my chest, she made me vulnerable, made me want to protect, made me want to be a better man.

Why I am feeling this way when deep inside, I can’t. Well, the environment can’t allow for something like this even when I know the truth, the truth that the bonds that hold us are bonds of a deeper friendship our parents have had!

She once told me of a story of how I threatened her as a child, and in me, I wonder how I could do that.

I am confused. Why should love find me in a hopeless place? Why should the right person love you but in the wrong-est of situations!

I am the author of so many books to write!

I sit here on the laptop, confused as ever at what I have written and more so about my feelings of her!

Maybe I should just shut it down and forget this all happened in the first place!

Press This!

Here We go!

*clicks play* All the Shine – Childish Gambino!

Well, I didn’t know who this guy was till I watched Community! Community with Jeff  Winger or something.

Press This!

Time Check: 06:07am, Disoriented, confused and more angered than ever. I have sat and contemplated about writing this article for now 24 hours. I dont even know where to begin from, but I do want to keep it short.

I am in love. Is it? Hahahahaha! Yes, that’s the way I laugh these days, or is this some social media bogus with which we can express the joy or not of whats funny or not funny. Well, I am in love. Love is not this fuzzy feeling you get, love is not butterflies in the stomach because I surely dont know what black magic would possess someone to have butterflies in the stomach! I am in bloody love, yes, I think its some four letter word we use when we exceed the ‘likeness’ of someone we think is likeable! I am in love, with who you ask? I dont know. I love myself! I love her! Let me break it down for you!

She completes Me
She tames Me
She’s fun to be with
She’s the last person I talk to every night
First person I call in the morning
I dont exactly have to communicate to get my feelings known
She’s bloody expensive and her cravings both drive me crazy and are amusing
She’s hated by my parents
My parents barely know her though, but they know she’s the one keeping me occupied
We are different, from head to toe
Everything about her is just glorious I would go inglorious bastard on anyone who harmed her
She’s Amazing
She’s crazy beautiful!!

Now, this here could be anyone! I mean, it could be her, could be another her, but I know am writing about her.

(This was supposed to be a collabo between Nambi and I but Nambi is asleep a few kilometres from me so, I am pressing this alone.)

So I had a bad day yesterday and am still having one this early morning. Why?

We love to hate them and hate to love them! I mean, they did give birth to us, or one did! The one who did give birth though normally feels they can baby sit you till you are married! Well, am not married yet and so am being baby sat, and this implies they can bully me as far as they want and yesterday’s bullying took a toll of its own we were fighting tooth and nail on the phone.

Things I hate my parents for!
They are double edged swords. Meet your friends, appreciate them, the go ahead and tell me they are not right for my company when they left. In my head, well, you dont know them well enough to say whether they are good or bad company.

They still treat me like a child at 20 something years of age! Am driving them around and they are throwing instructions! Really…sometimes regret having driven with them at that moment!

They are money misers. Now, this goes to all first born babies, we are the typical rugs to riches children if you are from the same generation as I am, worse if you are a boy. Because they keep you in the same regard, so when they develop, the kids who are born at that time develop, and the first born remains the in the rugs part of the riches phase. You are the guy given the least attention, and the probably value less compared to others but well, your pocket money shall never be the same as the last child.

They are conservative, or at least my mum is stuck in that way! Anything that challenges her mind is either in the religious bracket or above her. Now arguing with someone stuck in the 18th part of the Century is just dumb founded.

My parents are awesome. Well, I think they are because my friends say so. But I also say my friend’s parents are cool, and this maybe  the case with them too! Well, when shall a Ugandan parent grow up!

Anyway enough about my parents!

Lets go back to my love story!

I want to run away from the relationship!

I am the worst dude ever to be in the relationship with, not that I sleep around, cheat, but I sometimes really care about me first and the relationship second. And this many times hurts the girl because I seem not to give them any more attention that is available and that available may actually not be available.

I hate relationships because I feel more obliged than usual to do some things other enjoy them. I do it as a way of doing those things, ensuring the lady has the best out of me, well, I could care less about me, I always have my alone time most of the time.

I hate relationships because I never really commit. Committing means I put in effort and a lazy slob that I am, I prefer my alone time. So, I ask, can you get a part time girlfriend, with the unusual benefits? Well, I dont know for sure if she’s one but, I get the feeling I am mistreating her with my selfish ways.

Well, a few days ago, before I came up with this title, something in me was asking, whats you purpose and value and how are you making your neighbours life more comfortable… and this occurred to me…. The Orphanage yes, GGO, or God’s Grace Orphanage is something I have been involved for the past 3 or 4 years! An amazing place and yes, the Children of the Future.

You can also find these wonderful people involved in helping out and today as I type this right now, we have breakfast with the kids and its going to be blissful I tell you! They have been involved in the project and its awesome, cant thank them enough… 40 Days, 40 Smiles. You can join the group, meet the wonderful people, change the world a little bit.

Well, Let me Press this! Been a slightly longer article that usual but well, here we go!


Not reading, Not Listening, Haven’t watched anything in a while! Must be in love….

Bored Taxi Tales!

Well, the title gives it away! I was in a taxi and very very bored! More like frustrated from having those bad good Mondays! Bad good Mondays are those that start bad and end good, almost!

So, it started with me waking up hoping I can meet client and coerce a few thousand shillings for the project, but when I called her, she was down, sick with ‘something’ and she was on drip [a quick recovery for her] so, that paper chase ended as soon as it had started. So I walked backed home after reaching the entrance to her office! As usual, if I had called from home, it would have saved me the transport and bottle of water I had bought! My Twenty bob had been cut to Sixteen bob now!

When I reached home, I was informed that I had to go for a an impromptu driving test! Well, I had last driven a manual car 4 years ago, and an automatic was now child’s play. I quickly strapped my boots and run to the “Driving schools around Theatre La Bonita” where my brother and sister were waiting! [There is a long story here so ff….fast forward]

I arrive at Nakawa Driving school, with the list of symbols, warning and ordering sign posts,[stuff asked in the oral driving test]  trying to cram them within the little time I had left! But No sooner had we reached and dilly dallied, my documents were cleared and I was done with the test which I hadn’t like done[signed documents with my name]….. [another long story here]! I had to part with ten bob here as a thank you for passing me!

Ok…now the main story, The Boring Taxi Tale!!

I sat in a taxi on my way back, frustrated, broke and money minded. I was stuck in town earlier and had to walk to the only working DFCU ATM in town where I withdrew forty bob just to take me home! This left my account almost dry and more money minded! I wanted this Awesome sketch book which cost twenty bob and so I was down to around twenty six bob in my wallet! I was invited for some proggie which would make my evening more cooler but it was later cancelled so…shit couldn’t get any worse.

Now, the following happens when I board a taxi to Wandegs [Wandegeya] from Crane Bank! I like to be a Sherlock Holmes these days not after the books incepted in me the ideas of observation and deduction.

I sat on the front row immediately you enter the longer part of the taxi, behind the co-drivers and the following takes place between Crane Bank and Wandegs YMCA stage!

Taxi driver is trying to show off to the hot/cool babe seated next to him, but the conversation is in Luganda so all she can do is feign (whats the opposite for ignorance) she’s understanding! But no sooner has he started, than she says ‘ku stage’! Well, disappointment on the taxi tout’s face. It seems I wasn’t the only one having an off day!

The conductor is seated next to this old lady! Well, apart from the green gomesi, there’s nothing to it. I too am seated next to the green gomesi lady and we are seated next to this dude who has a “Tecno” phone. He has some VJ Jingo videos recorded on there and he’s trying to watch them! Wow, talk about hustle! Looks like they were recorded from Bukedde TV! And I damn respect VJ Jingo for the luganda translation of a show already in luganda. That’s how good he is!

And at the back, there’s some two noisy ladies speaking loudly in Luganda about their shenanigans and hustle-lous life! I dont get the conversation, but owino market and the neighbours man come into play at some point. I start to wonder, in a taxi, there’s always two ladies making noise about things that concern them or on the almost nude campus girl in the taxi they so happened to enter.  Anyway, surprise surprise, there was no traffic jam! I thought I would troll with traffic zesta but am that bored…

Well, I thought I could write something! But, oh well, talk about bored taxi tales!


Ultimate Flow!

Yeah…that song where the whole Clipse that is Pusha T, Malice, Sand Man and Liva spit rhyme like monsters!

Well, again, man’s greatest challenge is Understanding….yes. When we understand something, it gets the people going, no scratch that, it gets the mind going.

Been thinking a lot, and I hate thinking a lot because when I think a lot, I come up with complex ideas to very very simple things. 1 + 1 = 2! Well, I will think about it in terms of sin and cos! Thats how bad it is.

And it itches me.

Well, this post was supposed to be about randomsies! Where I just throw ideas around and hope to make sense when I read the finished product and hopefully will make sense then.

Family. Family is everything, but there are times when this here sucks the most. I have been driving illegally for sometime, 8 years to be exact, and my problem….I went to driving school when I knew how to drive so I felt it pointless to waste that money. Only problem, I was prohibited from getting a driving permit illegally like many Ugandans do which meant that 8 years later, I am here hustling with a provisional permit, hoping to do a test next week and the chase the permit and this here is frustrating. For those trying to put an age, I started driving in my Form 4 (Senior Four)!

Parents. Well, I had to get of that allowance thing whilst I was on campus. I hated having to go home every Monday to pick a couple of shillings just to survive so I got a small job…and also struck a deal with my parents to run a few of their businesses at a small fee…again, somehow this failed to work out. Now, am a decent fella but this here is frustrating….

Well…fuck it, I failed to finish this post…internet issues! I will continue from here next time….

Relationships And Butt cracks!

Yes, that there is a good title for a blog to write! Well, as you might discover, there’s no relationships in butt cracks or is buttcrack one word! No, it isn’t says auto correct, which also apparently isn’t one word.

So, I finally discovered what I need to be a consistent blogger, and that what i need is very good music like this Luna who has me in a trance, but before I digress, back to the main point, relationships!

Relationships suck because not only am in one, they sucked before I joined one, but before they sucked, here is one reason, girls make relationships complicated, for if it wasn’t that, I wouldn’t be talking about butt cracks!

I want to know what ’emo’ is, because am told this here is the ultimate level you find in a complex women! And again I digress…here is reason why relationships suck

I am not good at them. I am slow, I like to be slow. When shit gets serious, it also needs for me to be serious but my levels of procrastination are appalling appalling doesn’t even start to define! My levels of procrastination, will, apparently awake tomorrow. Thats how bad they are. Back to the point, seriousness, I hate being serious. And if my relationship has that element in it, well, catch me if you can, I will be seated at home not being worried about the relationship.

Secondly, relationships are expensive, and until I start working, my parents weekly allowance cant sustain any sensible relationships in this here Kampala! This here Kampala inzibu….Kampala sibizimbe so….anyway, again, I cant afford Javas and anything to do with it. If we went for a date there, I would shop from the super market first then we would sit outside and call that a date at Javas Cafe! That’s how bad it gets with my brokeness, or rather, thats how good/better it gets.

Thirdly, sorry, this is not a history essay but I cant help myself, I did geography in A level, I learned how to make points, sensible points. I hate COMMITMENT! Hope I spelled that out loud and clear. Here is why, if I commit, I miss out, and commitment means I am dedicated…now, dont get me here, remember, I am in a relationship…a committed relationship! My kind of committed relationship is girlfriend knowing I cant cheat on her and am allowed to flirt on social media, but when the day falls, the dark (k)night rises, she’s the last person I talk to! Listen to her thoughts, how she spent her day, what she did and didn’t do and who I should be pissed at on her behalf…that there is my committed relationship and surprise surprise, someone like that exists for me…though, she keeps on saying she’s going to die a single lady! Just Saying.

Finally, ladies are complicated beings. Emo I tell you, Emo!

The first rule of dating, the women is always right. Whether her point makes sense or not, she’s always right.

The second rule, always apologize…why, I dont know why but my predecessors claim this here is the solution to Mad Women(cow) Disease. Well, if you do it right, you are on her good side, if you dont, you might be dating a man…No Homo…just saying.

Three, I get the feeling I might get castigated for posting this….hence, relationships and butt cracks….

Peace out Yoh! I dont do photos though, I always wonder, why do bloggers do that? Well….the fifth year and running!

*I am sorry beb, everything I said or might have implied might be used or not against me in a conversation we might have tonightbut fyi, this here becomes null and void the moment I post it* Call it being emo—no! Not…

No Title, Again!

Well, I have no title for this blog. Honestly…I cant think of anything cheesy to stylista it any more than I could, should…oh, well, here goes!

Clicks Play.
Mentally waltzing to Luna’s Live your Life tune. Beautiful I say!

Ok, there’s inspiring moments, and am a sucker for being inspired. Maybe I want to much, maybe thats the problem with my profession, its creates an atmosphere for you explore. I mean, I tried producing music weeks ago courtesy of some helpful stalking but I never got to finish the song. And yes, I still want to finish the song.

Yesterday, I looked carefully at my laptop and wondered, all these software programmes I have, I knew the basics, but I haven’t mastered any, why is that so…and yet I keep seeking more and more out of other new software just to learn the basics. Why cant I sit down and master one at a time and hopefully, I will be somewhere in the future where specialisation is the way to go.

Yesterday also, I came up with several business ideas, courtesy to the open mind my course has allowed for me to have! I could tell you, but again, How will I kill you since again, this is virtual! I hope you are not slow to realise,’I could tell you, but I would have to kill you first or after’ is what I just deconstructed there…again…that there statement doesn’t make sense. The one I just quoted.

Yesterday, I was told of rich business in Kampala, and the only consolation was that they were once broke. Well, am broke for now, and maybe I will be rich like them, but again, am not a businessman! Oh well,I will be damned.

Today, I woke up to some quaky poetry…ad here goes

The Sun Boils
As we toil
On this Motherland we call soil
Our success foiled
Our hopes spoiled

Well, there goes, not sure if its a haiku or something…but it did sound cool whilst I composed it. I want to keep this article short, for any longer you might sleep on the job…yes, only people with jobs have free internet. Those without are either stealing it or stealing it legally!

Well, peace out. Have a blessed day!

Music – Luna
Movie – None in a while
Series – Waiting on Game Of Thrones , Suits is still being released
Novel – Well, am still stuck on the fourth installation of Eragon.

*Still waltzing to Luna’s Live your Life as I finish the blog* Creative juices on Over FLOW!  


July marks the end of the first half of the year, and yes, many blessing this year…a few friends of mine officially done with the course and there I stand waiting for my turn to come next year. But, that’s not the reason why I post this article, been thinking a lot recently but that’s still not the reason.

Sustainable Conference

Allow me to indulge a little into my passion Architecture and not just give you plain randomsies like they add value to your reading, so, this conference which was from the 25th to  30th was aimed at invoking the passion in architects, designers, planners and other concerned parties to build right…sustainable, economically, socially, and contextual. It began with a workshop from Monday to Wednesday followed by a conference from Thursday to Saturday.

Well, in totally, the aim was to start design buildings that breathe and live and have an environment that promotes healthy living which means passive cooling and heating systems, cross and natural ventilation, solar and rain water harvesting and reuse, and lastly day lighting or natural lighting. Also promote responsive building materials. So, Dear client, when you meet an architect, designer…ensure some of these ideas are spoken of…for yes, initial costs are high but in the long run, becomes cheaper in use and energy consumption. Then again, that’s the direction we are headed to so you dont want your house demolished basing on decision making unmade at the start of the project.

Life’s perplexities.

Well, life is hard and life is what you make it so, my advice to you…live it, love it, utilise it. This goes out to those hustling and paper chasing trying to look for a means out. I met a couple of worthy notables and one was the lovely and only female music producer on the Ugandan scene and we had a session in Studio…S/O to @oleebranch! Find her there. You too might be inspired.

Well, we all need to find our niches so yes, look for yours and go boom!

Mad Men…

Not the series….

‘Hey boss, just come out of CPS, was jailed last week by some shody police over no reason, I was vexed but that’s not the point, I am looking for some cash, I need to get home. Can you give me like a 2 bob?”

I was dumb struck at how someone looking insane spoke like he had actually been through school…his clothes all tattered and feet browned, I tried to do a Sherlock Holmes to see if he was telling the truth, but then again, I was miserably broke. I only had 300/- and as you know, in Kampala, DFCU banks are very far from City Square, and I was rushing to meet a client.

So I said,’I only have 300/-, and am rushing to meet a client!’

The he retorts,”Well, thats fine, at least it can get me a cigarette!”

Now that I think of it, maybe he was telling the truth for he smelt of no alcohol.

Well, perplexed and vexed, I emptied my wallet and gave him the few coins I had left. Luckily, no sooner had I given him the money than the client called me for a meeting. The gods must be crazy I say.

So, July it is…a happy one for you! My determination and Zeal pouring forward till the end of the year…