July marks the end of the first half of the year, and yes, many blessing this year…a few friends of mine officially done with the course and there I stand waiting for my turn to come next year. But, that’s not the reason why I post this article, been thinking a lot recently but that’s still not the reason.

Sustainable Conference

Allow me to indulge a little into my passion Architecture and not just give you plain randomsies like they add value to your reading, so, this conference which was from the 25th to  30th was aimed at invoking the passion in architects, designers, planners and other concerned parties to build right…sustainable, economically, socially, and contextual. It began with a workshop from Monday to Wednesday followed by a conference from Thursday to Saturday.

Well, in totally, the aim was to start design buildings that breathe and live and have an environment that promotes healthy living which means passive cooling and heating systems, cross and natural ventilation, solar and rain water harvesting and reuse, and lastly day lighting or natural lighting. Also promote responsive building materials. So, Dear client, when you meet an architect, designer…ensure some of these ideas are spoken of…for yes, initial costs are high but in the long run, becomes cheaper in use and energy consumption. Then again, that’s the direction we are headed to so you dont want your house demolished basing on decision making unmade at the start of the project.

Life’s perplexities.

Well, life is hard and life is what you make it so, my advice to you…live it, love it, utilise it. This goes out to those hustling and paper chasing trying to look for a means out. I met a couple of worthy notables and one was the lovely and only female music producer on the Ugandan scene and we had a session in Studio…S/O to @oleebranch! Find her there. You too might be inspired.

Well, we all need to find our niches so yes, look for yours and go boom!

Mad Men…

Not the series….

‘Hey boss, just come out of CPS, was jailed last week by some shody police over no reason, I was vexed but that’s not the point, I am looking for some cash, I need to get home. Can you give me like a 2 bob?”

I was dumb struck at how someone looking insane spoke like he had actually been through school…his clothes all tattered and feet browned, I tried to do a Sherlock Holmes to see if he was telling the truth, but then again, I was miserably broke. I only had 300/- and as you know, in Kampala, DFCU banks are very far from City Square, and I was rushing to meet a client.

So I said,’I only have 300/-, and am rushing to meet a client!’

The he retorts,”Well, thats fine, at least it can get me a cigarette!”

Now that I think of it, maybe he was telling the truth for he smelt of no alcohol.

Well, perplexed and vexed, I emptied my wallet and gave him the few coins I had left. Luckily, no sooner had I given him the money than the client called me for a meeting. The gods must be crazy I say.

So, July it is…a happy one for you! My determination and Zeal pouring forward till the end of the year…


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