No Title, Again!

Well, I have no title for this blog. Honestly…I cant think of anything cheesy to stylista it any more than I could, should…oh, well, here goes!

Clicks Play.
Mentally waltzing to Luna’s Live your Life tune. Beautiful I say!

Ok, there’s inspiring moments, and am a sucker for being inspired. Maybe I want to much, maybe thats the problem with my profession, its creates an atmosphere for you explore. I mean, I tried producing music weeks ago courtesy of some helpful stalking but I never got to finish the song. And yes, I still want to finish the song.

Yesterday, I looked carefully at my laptop and wondered, all these software programmes I have, I knew the basics, but I haven’t mastered any, why is that so…and yet I keep seeking more and more out of other new software just to learn the basics. Why cant I sit down and master one at a time and hopefully, I will be somewhere in the future where specialisation is the way to go.

Yesterday also, I came up with several business ideas, courtesy to the open mind my course has allowed for me to have! I could tell you, but again, How will I kill you since again, this is virtual! I hope you are not slow to realise,’I could tell you, but I would have to kill you first or after’ is what I just deconstructed there…again…that there statement doesn’t make sense. The one I just quoted.

Yesterday, I was told of rich business in Kampala, and the only consolation was that they were once broke. Well, am broke for now, and maybe I will be rich like them, but again, am not a businessman! Oh well,I will be damned.

Today, I woke up to some quaky poetry…ad here goes

The Sun Boils
As we toil
On this Motherland we call soil
Our success foiled
Our hopes spoiled

Well, there goes, not sure if its a haiku or something…but it did sound cool whilst I composed it. I want to keep this article short, for any longer you might sleep on the job…yes, only people with jobs have free internet. Those without are either stealing it or stealing it legally!

Well, peace out. Have a blessed day!

Music – Luna
Movie – None in a while
Series – Waiting on Game Of Thrones , Suits is still being released
Novel – Well, am still stuck on the fourth installation of Eragon.

*Still waltzing to Luna’s Live your Life as I finish the blog* Creative juices on Over FLOW!  


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