Relationships And Butt cracks!

Yes, that there is a good title for a blog to write! Well, as you might discover, there’s no relationships in butt cracks or is buttcrack one word! No, it isn’t says auto correct, which also apparently isn’t one word.

So, I finally discovered what I need to be a consistent blogger, and that what i need is very good music like this Luna who has me in a trance, but before I digress, back to the main point, relationships!

Relationships suck because not only am in one, they sucked before I joined one, but before they sucked, here is one reason, girls make relationships complicated, for if it wasn’t that, I wouldn’t be talking about butt cracks!

I want to know what ’emo’ is, because am told this here is the ultimate level you find in a complex women! And again I digress…here is reason why relationships suck

I am not good at them. I am slow, I like to be slow. When shit gets serious, it also needs for me to be serious but my levels of procrastination are appalling appalling doesn’t even start to define! My levels of procrastination, will, apparently awake tomorrow. Thats how bad they are. Back to the point, seriousness, I hate being serious. And if my relationship has that element in it, well, catch me if you can, I will be seated at home not being worried about the relationship.

Secondly, relationships are expensive, and until I start working, my parents weekly allowance cant sustain any sensible relationships in this here Kampala! This here Kampala inzibu….Kampala sibizimbe so….anyway, again, I cant afford Javas and anything to do with it. If we went for a date there, I would shop from the super market first then we would sit outside and call that a date at Javas Cafe! That’s how bad it gets with my brokeness, or rather, thats how good/better it gets.

Thirdly, sorry, this is not a history essay but I cant help myself, I did geography in A level, I learned how to make points, sensible points. I hate COMMITMENT! Hope I spelled that out loud and clear. Here is why, if I commit, I miss out, and commitment means I am dedicated…now, dont get me here, remember, I am in a relationship…a committed relationship! My kind of committed relationship is girlfriend knowing I cant cheat on her and am allowed to flirt on social media, but when the day falls, the dark (k)night rises, she’s the last person I talk to! Listen to her thoughts, how she spent her day, what she did and didn’t do and who I should be pissed at on her behalf…that there is my committed relationship and surprise surprise, someone like that exists for me…though, she keeps on saying she’s going to die a single lady! Just Saying.

Finally, ladies are complicated beings. Emo I tell you, Emo!

The first rule of dating, the women is always right. Whether her point makes sense or not, she’s always right.

The second rule, always apologize…why, I dont know why but my predecessors claim this here is the solution to Mad Women(cow) Disease. Well, if you do it right, you are on her good side, if you dont, you might be dating a man…No Homo…just saying.

Three, I get the feeling I might get castigated for posting this….hence, relationships and butt cracks….

Peace out Yoh! I dont do photos though, I always wonder, why do bloggers do that? Well….the fifth year and running!

*I am sorry beb, everything I said or might have implied might be used or not against me in a conversation we might have tonightbut fyi, this here becomes null and void the moment I post it* Call it being emo—no! Not…


3 thoughts on “Relationships And Butt cracks!

  1. Hahahaha!! I write a Trance Blog myself, I searched for ”Trance Music” and your blog was in the search result. Hilarity ensues! Good luck in your relationship. =)

  2. Hey, I’m a big trance fan myself aswell! Unfortunately, I just realized that there was something wrong with my username and it didn’t direct you to my blog. I have fixed the problem and you can go to my blog by clicking on my username from this comment or by going to
    I hope you like it. Keep up the great work with your blog, cheers x =)

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