Ultimate Flow!

Yeah…that song where the whole Clipse that is Pusha T, Malice, Sand Man and Liva spit rhyme like monsters!

Well, again, man’s greatest challenge is Understanding….yes. When we understand something, it gets the people going, no scratch that, it gets the mind going.

Been thinking a lot, and I hate thinking a lot because when I think a lot, I come up with complex ideas to very very simple things. 1 + 1 = 2! Well, I will think about it in terms of sin and cos! Thats how bad it is.

And it itches me.

Well, this post was supposed to be about randomsies! Where I just throw ideas around and hope to make sense when I read the finished product and hopefully will make sense then.

Family. Family is everything, but there are times when this here sucks the most. I have been driving illegally for sometime, 8 years to be exact, and my problem….I went to driving school when I knew how to drive so I felt it pointless to waste that money. Only problem, I was prohibited from getting a driving permit illegally like many Ugandans do which meant that 8 years later, I am here hustling with a provisional permit, hoping to do a test next week and the chase the permit and this here is frustrating. For those trying to put an age, I started driving in my Form 4 (Senior Four)!

Parents. Well, I had to get of that allowance thing whilst I was on campus. I hated having to go home every Monday to pick a couple of shillings just to survive so I got a small job…and also struck a deal with my parents to run a few of their businesses at a small fee…again, somehow this failed to work out. Now, am a decent fella but this here is frustrating….

Well…fuck it, I failed to finish this post…internet issues! I will continue from here next time….


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