Bored Taxi Tales!

Well, the title gives it away! I was in a taxi and very very bored! More like frustrated from having those bad good Mondays! Bad good Mondays are those that start bad and end good, almost!

So, it started with me waking up hoping I can meet client and coerce a few thousand shillings for the project, but when I called her, she was down, sick with ‘something’ and she was on drip [a quick recovery for her] so, that paper chase ended as soon as it had started. So I walked backed home after reaching the entrance to her office! As usual, if I had called from home, it would have saved me the transport and bottle of water I had bought! My Twenty bob had been cut to Sixteen bob now!

When I reached home, I was informed that I had to go for a an impromptu driving test! Well, I had last driven a manual car 4 years ago, and an automatic was now child’s play. I quickly strapped my boots and run to the “Driving schools around Theatre La Bonita” where my brother and sister were waiting! [There is a long story here so ff….fast forward]

I arrive at Nakawa Driving school, with the list of symbols, warning and ordering sign posts,[stuff asked in the oral driving test]  trying to cram them within the little time I had left! But No sooner had we reached and dilly dallied, my documents were cleared and I was done with the test which I hadn’t like done[signed documents with my name]….. [another long story here]! I had to part with ten bob here as a thank you for passing me!

Ok…now the main story, The Boring Taxi Tale!!

I sat in a taxi on my way back, frustrated, broke and money minded. I was stuck in town earlier and had to walk to the only working DFCU ATM in town where I withdrew forty bob just to take me home! This left my account almost dry and more money minded! I wanted this Awesome sketch book which cost twenty bob and so I was down to around twenty six bob in my wallet! I was invited for some proggie which would make my evening more cooler but it was later cancelled so…shit couldn’t get any worse.

Now, the following happens when I board a taxi to Wandegs [Wandegeya] from Crane Bank! I like to be a Sherlock Holmes these days not after the books incepted in me the ideas of observation and deduction.

I sat on the front row immediately you enter the longer part of the taxi, behind the co-drivers and the following takes place between Crane Bank and Wandegs YMCA stage!

Taxi driver is trying to show off to the hot/cool babe seated next to him, but the conversation is in Luganda so all she can do is feign (whats the opposite for ignorance) she’s understanding! But no sooner has he started, than she says ‘ku stage’! Well, disappointment on the taxi tout’s face. It seems I wasn’t the only one having an off day!

The conductor is seated next to this old lady! Well, apart from the green gomesi, there’s nothing to it. I too am seated next to the green gomesi lady and we are seated next to this dude who has a “Tecno” phone. He has some VJ Jingo videos recorded on there and he’s trying to watch them! Wow, talk about hustle! Looks like they were recorded from Bukedde TV! And I damn respect VJ Jingo for the luganda translation of a show already in luganda. That’s how good he is!

And at the back, there’s some two noisy ladies speaking loudly in Luganda about their shenanigans and hustle-lous life! I dont get the conversation, but owino market and the neighbours man come into play at some point. I start to wonder, in a taxi, there’s always two ladies making noise about things that concern them or on the almost nude campus girl in the taxi they so happened to enter.  Anyway, surprise surprise, there was no traffic jam! I thought I would troll with traffic zesta but am that bored…

Well, I thought I could write something! But, oh well, talk about bored taxi tales!



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