Press This!

Here We go!

*clicks play* All the Shine – Childish Gambino!

Well, I didn’t know who this guy was till I watched Community! Community with Jeff  Winger or something.

Press This!

Time Check: 06:07am, Disoriented, confused and more angered than ever. I have sat and contemplated about writing this article for now 24 hours. I dont even know where to begin from, but I do want to keep it short.

I am in love. Is it? Hahahahaha! Yes, that’s the way I laugh these days, or is this some social media bogus with which we can express the joy or not of whats funny or not funny. Well, I am in love. Love is not this fuzzy feeling you get, love is not butterflies in the stomach because I surely dont know what black magic would possess someone to have butterflies in the stomach! I am in bloody love, yes, I think its some four letter word we use when we exceed the ‘likeness’ of someone we think is likeable! I am in love, with who you ask? I dont know. I love myself! I love her! Let me break it down for you!

She completes Me
She tames Me
She’s fun to be with
She’s the last person I talk to every night
First person I call in the morning
I dont exactly have to communicate to get my feelings known
She’s bloody expensive and her cravings both drive me crazy and are amusing
She’s hated by my parents
My parents barely know her though, but they know she’s the one keeping me occupied
We are different, from head to toe
Everything about her is just glorious I would go inglorious bastard on anyone who harmed her
She’s Amazing
She’s crazy beautiful!!

Now, this here could be anyone! I mean, it could be her, could be another her, but I know am writing about her.

(This was supposed to be a collabo between Nambi and I but Nambi is asleep a few kilometres from me so, I am pressing this alone.)

So I had a bad day yesterday and am still having one this early morning. Why?

We love to hate them and hate to love them! I mean, they did give birth to us, or one did! The one who did give birth though normally feels they can baby sit you till you are married! Well, am not married yet and so am being baby sat, and this implies they can bully me as far as they want and yesterday’s bullying took a toll of its own we were fighting tooth and nail on the phone.

Things I hate my parents for!
They are double edged swords. Meet your friends, appreciate them, the go ahead and tell me they are not right for my company when they left. In my head, well, you dont know them well enough to say whether they are good or bad company.

They still treat me like a child at 20 something years of age! Am driving them around and they are throwing instructions! Really…sometimes regret having driven with them at that moment!

They are money misers. Now, this goes to all first born babies, we are the typical rugs to riches children if you are from the same generation as I am, worse if you are a boy. Because they keep you in the same regard, so when they develop, the kids who are born at that time develop, and the first born remains the in the rugs part of the riches phase. You are the guy given the least attention, and the probably value less compared to others but well, your pocket money shall never be the same as the last child.

They are conservative, or at least my mum is stuck in that way! Anything that challenges her mind is either in the religious bracket or above her. Now arguing with someone stuck in the 18th part of the Century is just dumb founded.

My parents are awesome. Well, I think they are because my friends say so. But I also say my friend’s parents are cool, and this maybe  the case with them too! Well, when shall a Ugandan parent grow up!

Anyway enough about my parents!

Lets go back to my love story!

I want to run away from the relationship!

I am the worst dude ever to be in the relationship with, not that I sleep around, cheat, but I sometimes really care about me first and the relationship second. And this many times hurts the girl because I seem not to give them any more attention that is available and that available may actually not be available.

I hate relationships because I feel more obliged than usual to do some things other enjoy them. I do it as a way of doing those things, ensuring the lady has the best out of me, well, I could care less about me, I always have my alone time most of the time.

I hate relationships because I never really commit. Committing means I put in effort and a lazy slob that I am, I prefer my alone time. So, I ask, can you get a part time girlfriend, with the unusual benefits? Well, I dont know for sure if she’s one but, I get the feeling I am mistreating her with my selfish ways.

Well, a few days ago, before I came up with this title, something in me was asking, whats you purpose and value and how are you making your neighbours life more comfortable… and this occurred to me…. The Orphanage yes, GGO, or God’s Grace Orphanage is something I have been involved for the past 3 or 4 years! An amazing place and yes, the Children of the Future.

You can also find these wonderful people involved in helping out and today as I type this right now, we have breakfast with the kids and its going to be blissful I tell you! They have been involved in the project and its awesome, cant thank them enough… 40 Days, 40 Smiles. You can join the group, meet the wonderful people, change the world a little bit.

Well, Let me Press this! Been a slightly longer article that usual but well, here we go!


Not reading, Not Listening, Haven’t watched anything in a while! Must be in love….


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