Hello, Hello!

Intense Moments of thought

I haven’t been this giddy or excited before, couple with confusion.

I have been listening to this song Hello by Mindless Behavior! Yes, thats how bad it is…well, mostly because this song got me in the zone earlier today morning and its been this way since morning.

Well, my friends did travel early in the morning and well, they should have arrived home safely or are checking in at Heathrow Airport now. Its just how amazing what this past few days have been like. No, scratch that, its amazing how these past two [2] weeks have been. I have never felt for someone like this before.

In Hello, they sing that the only way to a girl’s Heart is by what you say, they ask whether they can talk to her on another level, they say again say, they wont waste her time, as long as they are online, and conclude that what she needs is on her finger tips right now…Wishful thinking I know.

I met her a couple of weeks ago and the chemistry just set in. Everything felt right, the way she leaned in when stopped to talk or when we were seated together talking. Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic.

Yes, hopeless romantic might define that. But I am madly in love and mad is not an exaggeration. Been thinking about her every moment, recalibrating and replaying every situation we were stuck in. As we walked side by side, as we held hands, as I held her waist and she pulled in my hand closer. Those eyes. Yes, eyes so deep, I have been lost in the abyss several times when I looked into them.

Well, only problem with this love is, Hello, yes, is it just wishful thinking. I need an answer from her…and when I asked, well, yes….

Hello, will you be mine. Is that too much to ask for. Yes, I thought about this very moment and time is against me, but I want to be stuck in this loop forever. Bubba, my little heart is bleeding. Not that I dont want to move on, but I want to savour every moment. That one moment last evening where I held you close to me as we locked lips, the intensity, the beauty, the love, the need and desire in that very moment, I can never walk away from that. Yes, moving on, well…how?

Like a chess game, I think ahead and well, I am losing this game in all fronts. Am sacrificing my pieces just to be with you. I wont walk away like this wasn’t the best thing that has happened. Yes, I asked the fates to write our story in the stars. Forget Romeo and Juliet Bubba, this here has got my heart pounding in only ways you know as your head rested upon my chest. Is it too much? Am I asking for too much? Am I confused? Please let me be these things…

I know what can and cant be…but letting go is not one of them…moving on, to what exactly? It would be Mindless Behavior to believe someone can best you…

Stuck in this beautiful moment.

I cried…grown me dont, but my heart’s tear fall slowly, waiting for an answer.




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