Generation Next…

Sometimes I want to believe I write sense…

So, this time I want to believe this post is going to have sense…

I have never taken an HIV test, well, I dont think I need because well, I am not and believe I dont have it but the thought still worries me when I think about actually going for the test.

We all have had relatives get the virus and have seen the pain and the suffering they go through. The sleepless nights, the fears and assumptions that well, they may not be a part of us any time soon.

And well, for a generation that has seen people go through that, why again would we put ourselves in situations such as these. My cousin was recently diagnosed and they were HIV+ and in my head, I was dumb struck! How, how could they put themselves in such a situation.

I walked into the bathroom a couple of days ago and whilst there, I saw a blood littered toilet and wondered where and what this blood would be doing there and why someone hadn’t taken the time to clean up after themselves. Then I remembered who was in the bathroom earlier and a saddened face came to me.

She had aborted more thrice and now these blood spots were from her piss. Why again should a generation of youth with more than enough on there plate do ahead and do this to themselves. Why would you abort? I mean, given the circumstances, you might have killed of the next generation of great thinkers.

It begs the question, why are the youth of today in such plight yet there are campaigns against some of these things.

I beg to you dear reader, I know, to much to ask for but oh well, am asking, kindly open your mind and see what the world is made of today. That we cant hopefully sell such a pathetic system to our next generation, we cant.

We need to learn from our past and hopefully create a better future. Keep dreaming, keep believing.