I AM corrupt!

Maybe I am, maybe I am not.
Its a catch 22, a double edged sword.
I worry that If I am not,
Somebody else will be for me…

I am Corrupt,
Well I was born with it,
Its in my DNA…
XX, XY with a dash of corruption.

I awake, thinking of who I am going to
Is it you…
My corruption is Justice
Its justified
I do it for the right reasons
I am fighting it too
I am fighting it for those
Those who are doing it
Doing it for the wrong reasons.

In No Longer At Ease
You either take the fat and Juicy one
not the small and scrawny frog
So, I am corrupt…

You are corrupt…We are all corrupt
The times you bribed the police
The time you you got someone something
Illegally because you are related
The time you loaded airtime when MTN had crushed

I am corrupt, You are corrupt.

I think not. I still have my mind.


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