Lazy Love…

Blood shot eyes stared at her in the dark of the corridor. She was not aware of his presence as he seemed to glare at her with excitement. He had been staring at her for quite sometime…admiring and cramming every curve of her body into his mine. He wanted her. This seemed to increase his excitement.

He walked slowly, ensuring not to startle her. His eyes glowing as the corridor seemed to narrow as he grew closer. He sniffed the air for her scent. He too wanted to cram that into his nasal cavities. He wanted the whole her. He stared at her neck, looking for the pulsing vein that pumped blood to her heart. He  looked at how she craned to the side unaware of his presence. She seemed preoccupied and this would help him more when he pounced onto her.

He paused, looked behind him to ensure no one was coming, no was watching. He needed no evidence, and he didn’t want anyone interrupting or even coming to her rescue. He moved in slowly, pausing to ensure that no she didn’t notice. He didn’t want the air making any sound and putting him to notice.

He slowly raised his hand, all excited. It was now…it should be now. He was hoping  she would not scream. She turned…

“What do you think you are doing?”

‘Nothing…’ he said.

“You do know I knew you were behind me…”

‘Oh. I thought I could surprise you.’ he said with an intensity that shone in his eyes.

He held her back to his front, pulling her in. She fit perfectly, her body taking on every nook and cranny. He liked how she easily fit, as he pulled her hair to the side, exposing her neck as he bent to peck it. He took in her scent, Ralph Lauren Number 3. He held her tightly…seeing the glow in her eyes. He liked this feeling a lot.

They slowly walk out into the moonlight, brazenly shining…Soul-mates…


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