Major Major Randomsies…

Yeah, randomsies…

Been in school a whole 5 years…course choice maybe but well, what else can I do…I chose the bloody thing and its now pissing me off, but oh well, I finally have come to the end of this journey and hopefully in May next year, I begin looking for another journey.

This course though, it has ladies in it. The average marrying age for a Ugandan lady is 23-24, 25-26 if it’s very late and in this class, I sit and stare at all these ladies who are surely going to get married as soon as school ends. Well, they already look like mothers so…

I want to tell a story…

I like to tell stories I believe that one day I might be an awesome grandfather…but here goes…

When I was in vacation, most of my colleagues, the ladies especially were doing this fellowship thing at KPC or All Saints. I never really went because, am not affiliated to either religion, and well, I felt it was some neo-colonialist bullshit. Neo-colonialist bullshit is to me what I call ‘forcing life and status’…

When I joined campus, I met these bunch of ‘saved’ chics, all shouting  Jesus’ name and preaching, but, I never really knew the other side of them. I was blind until a  few stories came trickling my way…

Of these two saved ladies, one had cheated on her boyfriend with some old guy, and the other had met some old guy who had later cheated on her. I was confused…were the churches not teaching values or was I missing something. Its later on that I discovered the ‘Price Tag’.

The price tag is quite simple, how much is one willing to spend on you before you willing walk into their arms and share with them sexually your exploits.

Campus is full of wenches, they are those who do it for a couple of beers, they are those who follow the basic 3 dates rule, and they are those who put up the ‘I am saved front’.

I remember again, during my vacation, when a bunch of friends used to call (on our parent’s phones) and tell us to go for these fellowships, just to meet these young and hot girls, who were friendly because well, it was the saved thing to do. And I always aptly refused because I felt, they were just cheap sluts waiting to get the right price on their goods and provide the right services.

So, on campus now, I looked at these two colleagues…one had cheated on the boyfriend, the other had been screwed over…and I go back to my memoirs. I was innocent in first year. Some of the things I did and desired to do do send chills down my spine. I am not castigating these ‘saved’ girls…neither am I supporting what they did, fact of the matter, the decisions they made shall remain with them for the rest of their lives, but what I worry the most, is why these things continue to happen year in and year out.

Have we fallen to a particular stereotype its now become a system of sorts. (system here being a way of life).

I am lucky I had a mentor on me…one more experienced and vast with some of these things…whenever I shared, he laughed and told me of his experiences. I wanted to be a fool and learn from mine but luckily, from what he went through, I would be a fool to go through the same.

These are major major randomsies…Young girls and boys, however excited you might be, dont throw away your values, because, at the end of it all, what we are remembered by is what values we brought to the table.

Social media is taking society by storm…[I hope am still on my 500 word count] and I just realised, I spend most of my productive time on social media, hoping and thinking am changing the world, but in the end, the workload I have on me is just to much. If you believe social media makes you any smarter, then think again. Its all a loop. What I do today on social media is pretty much the same tomorrow, and whether or not it adds value…time wasted is never gained.

I talk too much…I stop here…

I know a few people are going to read this…now…but years from now, I know I might have changed the way some people think so maybe social media is not that all bad.

That last verse, well, due to inconsistencies in this wordpress thing, was cut short.

But I believe I got my point forward.

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