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I have a lot to say….thats how most of my blog posts begin! Well, I might have, am not really sure how much I have though…

Blogging is fun, or it used to be when there was a gang of mafia running the blogsphere and we all wanted to join, and we read and commented, but times have changed.

So, its not like I care about my stats [statistics] but a few days ago, I woke up to 163 hits in one day. Now that took me aback! 163 hits means someone or some people read it that many number of times. But no, I checked again, and realised someone had actually opened each and every article from when I first posted to date. Now that was worrying. But I liked it, well, I hope they did find out about me or they know what I dont know about myself.

Thats beside the point. Today’s post was supposed to be dubbed ‘TGIF’! I mean, Thank God its Friday. Many people talk about it, but the irony is they thank him yet they prepare themselves to sin as the weekend approaches. The irony indeed. Again, am not here to castigate or hate or whatever it is you think am doing, am just putting to not. And why doesn’t opened have a double N?

Anyway, now to the main point, am grateful to my readers. Keep reading. Keep sharing, and one by one,  lets be the change we want to be.

You can also find me here The Crit  or here CK 

Am appreciative. Even for the hits, I know you are reading and I shall continue to write.


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