The Love Bug…

Is it like the Lady bag?

Does it have red and black spots all over?

Why do you blush when it bites you?

Your obsession with this emotion, can it be cured?

The Love bug….

I come to you with relationship advice, not as an experienced relationship-er but rather, I see things…and  sometimes these things are important to note…so, here are my notes….

The Love Bug!

Am a big believer that when you fall in love, LOVE…dont go in with percentages, because well, you might leave on a percentage.

Am a big believer that love, though just a four letter word, seems to describe a dictionary of emotions…Its like the ultimate CAPSLOCK of emotions. When someone tells you they ‘honestly’ love you…you know they have skipped through a bunch of emotions and words that describe them to get there.

This love bug, how many times does it bite?

I know for a fact that men rarely say these things…they rarely are outspoken about their feelings but when he does, be it in the moment, they might sometimes mean it.

Men only say they love you if they want to sleep with you but on the occasion that they cant then they actually mean it. If he says it every morning and every night, its timetabled, he might do it to save his ass, but if it is random, out of the blue then maybe….

I know men to have fallen in love quickly…there immunity to the love bug is zero after the first bite…men’s love is physical, and relatively emotional. Physical why, well, they love people they need and want to be with….and if you dont fall in this category, you just might be a prostitute.

Unlike in women where the love comes after a lot of attention and coercing, with men, its all about the moment. Women love after a while, when they realise that the sorry bastard they are dating is actually there for the long haul…is haul right or should I say the long whole…men on the other hand…well, I cant tell…only said it to two women in my life, and one held me in chains and forced it out of me, and the other, well, I would have to kill you before I told…

The Love bug….

I know for a fact that people who have been in relationships longer have mastered the art, they have grown immune to the love bug, and sometimes feign they have been bitten by one just to get out of doing something or actually get into doing something…but worry not…those are fake love bugs…

The real love bug bites, and when it does, it makes the relationship a mutual understanding…based on values, desire and the need to progress with a person rather than digress into shenanigans…

Now, I haven’t mastered the art of loving…neither am I telling you am right, but am sure as hell not wrong…

When the love bug bites,

Hold onto that feeling….

Love is love. So, just Love….


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