Fear Is Like Fire

Fear is Like Fire – Fink…

What are we afraid of the most?

What are you afraid of the most?

I was once asked this question a couple of years ago.

I thought about it and after a couple of seconds, I said my Parents. I later thought about it, and in my head, I should have said God.

But, again, God is a parent. That one parent who we always go to irrespective of the scenario, religion or fear.

Listening to this song and I cant help but realise my past couple of months have been dominated by fear. Is it safe for me to do this? Every decision I have made, I made because I tried to eliminate the aspect of fear. If am not afraid, then I will do it, If I am afraid, then I wont do it.

Fear is a like fire, come watch it burn, you can watch it burn. Where is this fear? Is in our heads? Is it part of our body?

Well, if you trust yourself, then there’s no need to be afraid.

Dont let fear dominate you. Master it. And may the gods or God be with you.


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