A worthy cause.

Edward Echwalu - Documentary Photographer

There’s something about shooting pictures in orphanages. Before packing my gear, there’s always that natural bias that clouds my foresight about these places.

Today wasn’t any different. I was imaging finding little kids who were poorly dressed with running noses, sad, hungry, dirty, name it.

So, I joined friends who were visiting “Gods Grace Orphanage” in Kyebando, a Kampala suburb. I was itching to do some random shoot having not had one in a while.

I was wrong again. We were welcomed with hugs, warm greetings and intelligence so rare from the stereotypes usually attached to orphans. These were aged between three to 12 .

My friends were part of a facebook group called “40 Days, 40 Smiles” comprising of majorly youth in the middle class. The idea behind it was born out of the catholic lent period where God loving Christians were encouraged to donate clothes, shoes, toys and…

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An Odyssey to the One I Love…

Nothing rhymes but me and you…

Like two peas in a pod
A shoelace to a shoe
I dont even know what Odyssey means
But you get me, even when I dont get myself
This little journey we’ve started has taken me places
Emotionally I need configuring,
Which you did like the F1 constructors
You built me to be your race champion
Even when our season together has just begun
You say I like to talk in parables
But my love for you aint one…
You call me names, names that put smiles to my face
When seated Idly in a taxi, with strangers all wondering,
Whats the secret to his smile…
I cant tell them its all in the message you just sent me…
I need to stop myself now, Am spilling too much mushiness
But its all yours bubba…

Like a dime to a dollar
Like a shine to a molar
Like the ends of the polar
Like a dog needs a collar
Like a wheels to a stroller
My name and yours are synonymous
Like the stars in the sky
And the shine your soul brings to my heart…
Words Words Words
Words could tell it all
But what I feel only you know it all
The talk I talk
The walk I walk
Is for you and me
To the path only you and I see…

This is just the beginning
This is an Odyssey to the One I love

Mindless thoughts begot not forgotten…

I do like photography…and this is one I took with my phone…

All Stars
All Stars

I ride on other people’s emotion because its second nature for a first born to relate with others on a more personal levels. All first borns feel the other siblings pain because they ultimately feel responsible for their well being and this is the case for any first born in a relationship…

First borns are also auto-tuned to fall in love with last borns, not sure if this is second or first nature but like two peas in a pod, the relationship between a first and last child is one based on primitive instinct, and before we go deep into the psychology as to why, its important to note that studies have shown.

Where am I going with this…

Relationships are a trick. A statement I posted a few days ago in a previous post…

I ride of people’s emotion and attention and if my attention is sought, I shall give but one scenario has been playing me over and over again. In psychology, there’s what is known as transference (and no, am no psychologist) and this happens when someone in a (long distance) relationship seeks to look for a partner with similar characteristics with the one they have, mostly for comfort of thought but they are buts…

Transference if not clearly understood might lead to delusions, in which a person goes ahead to need and want these feelings from the other person. Science is such a bore…to the main issue.

Communication is very essential in any relationship but critical in one where the aspect of distance and time come into play. If your partner told you they found someone who reminded them of you and they spent enough time around them, that should worry, yes. It becomes a tad irritating if that’s the only name that seems to slide off and ultimately a conversational killer. Why does it become irritating? Every time you have a conversation, you feel like a substitute. That’s never fun really.

Well, dont blame the cosmos for aligning the stars against you.

If the feeling that you are putting in a lot of effort crosses your mind, try and blank it out for it eats at you. I have shared a few thoughts about the situation with a few of my friends, one called me insane, the other told me to walk away and one just blotted that I might be in love. Stupendous as these opinions were, I needed them to sort of understand the position I was in.

I feel exhausted, like am the one carrying the heaviest load, loading all that airtime, sleeping late hours, over texting someone told me to calm the fcuk down…

Well, been a stressful week. I need to shut eye…Dont let insecurities and fear be your ruin. Try and communicate, share, explain what it means or feels like…dont make haste of situations that create distance in an already distant relationship…Love like no other, and hope they will love you like no other…Just pray, keep hopeful but ensure you also do not get hurt because if your gut tells you something, you’d be a fool to ignore it.



The Mind

The mind does play tricks on us sometimes…creating perceptions and ideals that might or might not be real….

The question here is, how do you reboot the mind? How does one un-incept those thoughts?

So, what would you follow? The mind or the gut?

The gut butt clenching feeling you get in your stomach, where the ki centre and the core of all emotions is or the mind, simple, complex, unrelenting machine of reason?

I am at crossroads, mentally and emotionally.

Or is it Mentally vs Emotionally…

Reason vs Feelings…

And yes, this is about relationships.

Bourne legacy did suck if you haven’t watched it, And if you dont want for me to spoil, you just might want to stay away from this whole paragraph. That last bit where they were running around the Phillipines capital for 30 minutes was a total waste of film. It had so many cliff hangers I almost jumped off one, but like anything else, the acting was good, the script slightly there and an overall 6 out of 10. Not the best, we wanted to see Matt Damon but anyway, whats done is done.

Now back to the main story…

I suck at relationships, dont know how to keep one, always looking for a reason not to be in one, even when the best thing that happened to me is actually happening to me. And maybe I want to apologise publicly for being a jerk, but again, blame it on my head…its all in my head and the worst bit is that my gut feels the same way my head does…I might be wrong, but its unhealthy to decry feelings of pain, angst and uncertainty when they are actually feelings of pain, angst and uncertainty.

And with this I conclude, my phone is taking a hiatus…keeps me informed even when I dont want or feel like being informed.

Am giving social media a break, at least till I feel sane enough to be bothered by what people post.

Yin & Yang, the perfect balance, one without the other, the other without one can never be.

Peace out.

*Now looking for something to distract me long enough*

Long Distance Relationships…

Relationships are a trick…relationships are a bloody trick. Forgive my language but I couldn’t help myself. There’s two sides of me writing this, the angry side, and the calm side.

Long distance relationships are a joy to be in, and a hustle to also be in. We all know the complexities of  loving someone who’s never around at one point it becomes literally virtual. The complexities of a long distance relationship need the simplicities of two people willing to be together no matter what situations arise…and this is where the story begins…

Uganda just lost to Zambia again and the hope for another African Cup appearance dawn on us this dusk, but that’s beside the point…

Communication is important in any relationship but very essential in a long distance relationship, because unlike couples who are a call or visit away, the ones far away are a text, inbox and a summer holiday away. So when communication breaks down even for a second, things tend to creep in. Its much worse if the relationship like any child is still trying to find its place, taking those baby steps and so I take you to the main story…

It all started with a rushed skype call and the promise to call at a much later time when the data was streaming and everyone was wide asleep…this didn’t go down well because 1/2 the couple wanted to talk, and the other was rushing to go somewhere…

24 hours later…an inbox just saying ‘Hi’ was received by the couple who wanted to talk but now was very angry…angry that in all the 24 hours, with all the messages they had sent, all they got was a ‘Hi’. What did that Hi mean, what did it imply.

Hi, well, am busy, we’ll talk later.

Hi, hope all is well, cant talk now.

Hi, yeah, just Hi…


And speechless and infuriated, they couldn’t do anything but just ignore.

Like I said, communication is important, but very very essential in a long distance relationships. Complexities of time lag and gain do come into play, but still communication is essential. Now, am not saying that the other party wasn’t busy or didn’t have something to do but…relationships, long ones at that can only survive when two peas are actually in the same pod. If not, doubt, anger, resentment, mistrust comes into play…loss of excitement and tit for tat…

This could go anyway…I mean, maybe next time the roles might be reversed…

But we all know, if we want someone in our lives, we should try as much as possible to keep them in…and if you truly love someone, you might just let this go, over look it, work out the chinks in this cog, and walk your path of enlightenment and joy with them…

If you love, love with one heart, dont let small trivialities come into the midst of something beautiful you both share…

If this doesn’t work, because when angry, humans tend to do the most insane things…pray. Say a little prayer.

If prayer doesn’t work…just call them and be as bloody angry as you want to be…scream at them…SCREAM…

And so, allow me go dial this lady and give her a piece of my bloody mind…



Dry Spell

Well, not the sex kind…my ex girlfriend exhausted my resources.

When I get inspired, I normally want to share my excitement and inspiration with others.

It feels good to be loved, it feels good to be in a relationship, it just feels good to want to have someone for the rest of your life. That’s enough relationship advice.

We were still talking about being inspired, then again, I realised, that an African people like to be inspired only when being offered free alcohol and food.

Uganda’s celebrating its Independence tomorrow and yes, this post is on the eve of independence. There’s so much wrong happening yet I feel, I cant, We cant do this alone. One man can stand up for an idea, but unlike an idea, man bleeds, man hurts, man perishes. So what is important is to build an idea, an idea that can go beyond the flesh of man…one that cannot bleed, hurt or perish. Again, enough life advice.

I am not single, at the same time am not in a fully officiated relationship…and no, am neither in the middle, more or less on the other side, dating but scared to tell the world. Yeah, thats where this story ends too.

Being hit on by a gay. I have been on twitter, and unlike facebook, where you gave a crap who you were friends with, here, you meet a bunch of strangers and dont really care much about who or what they are UNTIL a fellow Man hits on you. It took me by surprise this one. I was listening to Pink, Florence + Machines, Metric, The Fray and Snow Patrol that day when someone insisted I checked in my inbox. I checked and found the “Are you gay?’ statement…it took me by surprise. Didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t respond then for fear. As I kept on tweeting, the fella insisted that I check my inbox. I did, and asked why he thought I was gay. And the dude claimed it was in my playlist. Wooooow. Like seriously, what is a gay playlist?

I am not a homophobe, I really cant be bothered by one’s sexual orientation, as long as it doesn’t affect me, why bother. Well, he told me he was gay and asked whether I knew. And in my head, I was, what would make me think of him as being gay? Anyway, was really surprised that I had a gay follower, and was actually following one.

Anyway, yeah, that was my awkward gay experience.

Dry Spell…yeah, mentally. Hitting a mental snag.

Watching. Act Of valor
Trying to Read. The Fourth installation of Eragon.
Music. Antenna.

Few words these…still generating thought…