Dry Spell

Well, not the sex kind…my ex girlfriend exhausted my resources.

When I get inspired, I normally want to share my excitement and inspiration with others.

It feels good to be loved, it feels good to be in a relationship, it just feels good to want to have someone for the rest of your life. That’s enough relationship advice.

We were still talking about being inspired, then again, I realised, that an African people like to be inspired only when being offered free alcohol and food.

Uganda’s celebrating its Independence tomorrow and yes, this post is on the eve of independence. There’s so much wrong happening yet I feel, I cant, We cant do this alone. One man can stand up for an idea, but unlike an idea, man bleeds, man hurts, man perishes. So what is important is to build an idea, an idea that can go beyond the flesh of man…one that cannot bleed, hurt or perish. Again, enough life advice.

I am not single, at the same time am not in a fully officiated relationship…and no, am neither in the middle, more or less on the other side, dating but scared to tell the world. Yeah, thats where this story ends too.

Being hit on by a gay. I have been on twitter, and unlike facebook, where you gave a crap who you were friends with, here, you meet a bunch of strangers and dont really care much about who or what they are UNTIL a fellow Man hits on you. It took me by surprise this one. I was listening to Pink, Florence + Machines, Metric, The Fray and Snow Patrol that day when someone insisted I checked in my inbox. I checked and found the “Are you gay?’ statement…it took me by surprise. Didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t respond then for fear. As I kept on tweeting, the fella insisted that I check my inbox. I did, and asked why he thought I was gay. And the dude claimed it was in my playlist. Wooooow. Like seriously, what is a gay playlist?

I am not a homophobe, I really cant be bothered by one’s sexual orientation, as long as it doesn’t affect me, why bother. Well, he told me he was gay and asked whether I knew. And in my head, I was, what would make me think of him as being gay? Anyway, was really surprised that I had a gay follower, and was actually following one.

Anyway, yeah, that was my awkward gay experience.

Dry Spell…yeah, mentally. Hitting a mental snag.

Watching. Act Of valor
Trying to Read. The Fourth installation of Eragon.
Music. Antenna.

Few words these…still generating thought…


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