The Mind

The mind does play tricks on us sometimes…creating perceptions and ideals that might or might not be real….

The question here is, how do you reboot the mind? How does one un-incept those thoughts?

So, what would you follow? The mind or the gut?

The gut butt clenching feeling you get in your stomach, where the ki centre and the core of all emotions is or the mind, simple, complex, unrelenting machine of reason?

I am at crossroads, mentally and emotionally.

Or is it Mentally vs Emotionally…

Reason vs Feelings…

And yes, this is about relationships.

Bourne legacy did suck if you haven’t watched it, And if you dont want for me to spoil, you just might want to stay away from this whole paragraph. That last bit where they were running around the Phillipines capital for 30 minutes was a total waste of film. It had so many cliff hangers I almost jumped off one, but like anything else, the acting was good, the script slightly there and an overall 6 out of 10. Not the best, we wanted to see Matt Damon but anyway, whats done is done.

Now back to the main story…

I suck at relationships, dont know how to keep one, always looking for a reason not to be in one, even when the best thing that happened to me is actually happening to me. And maybe I want to apologise publicly for being a jerk, but again, blame it on my head…its all in my head and the worst bit is that my gut feels the same way my head does…I might be wrong, but its unhealthy to decry feelings of pain, angst and uncertainty when they are actually feelings of pain, angst and uncertainty.

And with this I conclude, my phone is taking a hiatus…keeps me informed even when I dont want or feel like being informed.

Am giving social media a break, at least till I feel sane enough to be bothered by what people post.

Yin & Yang, the perfect balance, one without the other, the other without one can never be.

Peace out.

*Now looking for something to distract me long enough*


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