Mindless thoughts begot not forgotten…

I do like photography…and this is one I took with my phone…

All Stars
All Stars

I ride on other people’s emotion because its second nature for a first born to relate with others on a more personal levels. All first borns feel the other siblings pain because they ultimately feel responsible for their well being and this is the case for any first born in a relationship…

First borns are also auto-tuned to fall in love with last borns, not sure if this is second or first nature but like two peas in a pod, the relationship between a first and last child is one based on primitive instinct, and before we go deep into the psychology as to why, its important to note that studies have shown.

Where am I going with this…

Relationships are a trick. A statement I posted a few days ago in a previous post…

I ride of people’s emotion and attention and if my attention is sought, I shall give but one scenario has been playing me over and over again. In psychology, there’s what is known as transference (and no, am no psychologist) and this happens when someone in a (long distance) relationship seeks to look for a partner with similar characteristics with the one they have, mostly for comfort of thought but they are buts…

Transference if not clearly understood might lead to delusions, in which a person goes ahead to need and want these feelings from the other person. Science is such a bore…to the main issue.

Communication is very essential in any relationship but critical in one where the aspect of distance and time come into play. If your partner told you they found someone who reminded them of you and they spent enough time around them, that should worry, yes. It becomes a tad irritating if that’s the only name that seems to slide off and ultimately a conversational killer. Why does it become irritating? Every time you have a conversation, you feel like a substitute. That’s never fun really.

Well, dont blame the cosmos for aligning the stars against you.

If the feeling that you are putting in a lot of effort crosses your mind, try and blank it out for it eats at you. I have shared a few thoughts about the situation with a few of my friends, one called me insane, the other told me to walk away and one just blotted that I might be in love. Stupendous as these opinions were, I needed them to sort of understand the position I was in.

I feel exhausted, like am the one carrying the heaviest load, loading all that airtime, sleeping late hours, over texting someone told me to calm the fcuk down…

Well, been a stressful week. I need to shut eye…Dont let insecurities and fear be your ruin. Try and communicate, share, explain what it means or feels like…dont make haste of situations that create distance in an already distant relationship…Love like no other, and hope they will love you like no other…Just pray, keep hopeful but ensure you also do not get hurt because if your gut tells you something, you’d be a fool to ignore it.




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