An Odyssey to the One I Love…

Nothing rhymes but me and you…

Like two peas in a pod
A shoelace to a shoe
I dont even know what Odyssey means
But you get me, even when I dont get myself
This little journey we’ve started has taken me places
Emotionally I need configuring,
Which you did like the F1 constructors
You built me to be your race champion
Even when our season together has just begun
You say I like to talk in parables
But my love for you aint one…
You call me names, names that put smiles to my face
When seated Idly in a taxi, with strangers all wondering,
Whats the secret to his smile…
I cant tell them its all in the message you just sent me…
I need to stop myself now, Am spilling too much mushiness
But its all yours bubba…

Like a dime to a dollar
Like a shine to a molar
Like the ends of the polar
Like a dog needs a collar
Like a wheels to a stroller
My name and yours are synonymous
Like the stars in the sky
And the shine your soul brings to my heart…
Words Words Words
Words could tell it all
But what I feel only you know it all
The talk I talk
The walk I walk
Is for you and me
To the path only you and I see…

This is just the beginning
This is an Odyssey to the One I love


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