That poem there’s outright AWESOME.

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Jason Lehman wrote:
It was spring. But it was summer I wanted
The warm days, & the great outdoors.
It was summer. But it was fall I wanted
The colorful leaves, & the cool, dry air.
It was fall. But it was winter I wanted
The beautiful snow, & the joy of the holiday season.
It was winter. But it was spring I wanted
The warmth, & the blossoming of nature.
I was a child. But it was adulthood I wanted
The freedom, & the respect.
I was 20. But it was 30 I wanted
To be mature, & sophisticated.
I was middle aged. But it was 20 I wanted
The youth, & the free spirit.
I was retired. But it was middle age I wanted
The presence of mind, without limitations.
Then my life was over, & I never got what I wanted.
Reading this poem made…

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Paradise…November Blues…

Coldplay – Paradise

Listening to Coldplay and you cant help but think all your worldly problems are solved. I always get this feeling when I listen to them, though not my best band. Nothing personal given the fact that they in their own league when it comes to musicality and phonetics in sound you are blown away, I like to believe they are the Best of the best. My passion for rock music dates back to my earlier high school days when Rick Dees played on Capital FM every Sunday 2-4pm. Yeah,  when Evanescence were the talk of the town. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

So, the World is about to end. 2012 is night and this being among the last days of this month, I might as well start the count down.

Well, for reasons beyond me, I decided that I need to get to the 10,000HITS mark, and hopefully thanks to you, I can achieve. My current stats reflect that am stuck on 8,884 hits, and I need a 1116 hits if I want to reach this mark, so am asking, share. Read and share. I know I sometimes bore you with my life stories but then again, what would be life without stories to tell, and this is just one way of doing so so, yes, SHARE, Hit and Share.

I am typing this blog out through the course of the day, I want too, want to see the thoughts that cross my mind, when they do, what happens when they do and how exactly I tell them to you, so be patient with me. So we shall time stamp this as 11:17 am, Tweeting, Facebooking, Reading online newspapers.

“How do fish breastfeed?” Seriously though.

Listening to all the Coldplay I have. The X&Y album just do it. The first 4 songs though, Talk, Speed of Sound, Square One and Low. These were the highlight of my first year, University. I listened to this album till…funny thing though, Fix You is not the best song for me on it.

All we ever want is love but we delude ourselves into thinking sex is some form of love. I am not persecuting any one here, I too have fallen to the bottom of that bottomless pit but I had to get a jet pack out of there fast. If you’ve had sex in any kind or form, it changes you. Most times you want to do it our of curiosity, see if you will enjoy it or do it simply because  you enjoyed it. And if we get stuck in this loop, getting out is the hardest thing one can do. I am not judging, but honestly deliberating and giving my opinion here. I have this friend who, whenever they break up with the girlfriend, he uses that “opportunity” to sleep around and be a sleaze bag be it a day, a week or a month. I am not the best Christian but I do hold my values so I always get puzzled, when he brags about doing this. Again, am not judging, but well, if you respect someone enough to date them, respect them enough to do what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. My biggest question and angst though, where’s Karma in all of this.

So, Mahatma Ghandi was a paedophile racist homo. I too didn’t know this. Until I was having a conversation first with a colleague, then the girlfriend. What The HELL?

Part of the plan. We can predict what’s going to happen in the future, and we can set the precedents that will lead to that moment, but we sure as hell cannot control time. Does time have a competitor?

The forgotten art of blogging. With the increase in minimalist social media fora, the art of blogging is dying, and doing so very first. Five years ago, it was prestigious owning a blog, let alone getting people to read what’s on it, but now, people open one like owning one is an email address or validation that you are social media freak. But why open one when you are going to barely share your thoughts. Then there’s those people who post statuses on social media sites like they should be running blogs but they don’t know. Now those are either ignorant or an in need of immediate appreciation for their work.

Time stamp 12:28.

Where does passion come from? What is your passion? Where can you find it? I like writing. I wish I could make a living out of it but the opportunities in this place are none.

My passion is Architecture and for a very long time, I contemplated having two blogs, taking the personal and the architecture away from each other but that is very difficult so, once in a while they spill. But well, for those who like reading and just randomly checking out cool blogs, you can find me here and here

Time 13:20

Mentally flustered. Cant think of anything constructive. I am out of this den.

Peace Y’all.


Metaphysical vs Physical…

“I need a girlfriend”, he posted.

I was shocked. The last time I had a conversation with him, he was going on about how he had slept with some young girl and it was the best he had hard. He went on to tally how many times they had done it in the past week. Bragging while at it. It reminded me a lot of my mentor, though for him, he never bragged much about it, but he did like keeping a figure when I last checked it revolved around 190 something.

There’s two types of emotion, the Physical and the Metaphysical.

But before I delve into thine philosophy, lets go back to the beginning, the statement that brought about this conversation.

When I was in my first year, a few years ago, I thought I had found love in a hopeless or rather hopeful place. She was the one I am going to marry, I bragged, telling my mentor and yet 4 months down the road, not only had my marriage plans dwindled, I was filled with a hate like never before. I felt I had been used, I felt wasted and at that point, to me, relationships were about the physical. Did she have the right ‘physical’ features? Did she look the part? Was she the one I would show off to my friends?

And there I was listening to this second year lad going on about how they were looking for a girlfriend! I asked him, are you ready for a relationship? And he was quick to jump to a yes. This showed his lack of understanding as to what I was asking about? I asked again, what about the relationship was he looking for? The physical or the metaphysical? And that’s is when it occurred to him.

Men are mostly drawn to the physical emotion, the lust, the hunger, the depravity, the sex and if you are not giving him these, you basically dont love him. Women, at times believe that this is also some form of love, but again, these are the ones shackled by a relationship based on more than sex but the actual frivolities of life, money, power and a car.

Women, seek a more metaphysical kind of emotion, one felt, one understood and misunderstood. Women seek love in a relationships. Its always about the little things, that one message, call, éclair she got from her loved one.

So,my argument with him was whether he understood what he need. Did he need the physical, or did he need the metaphysical. And the argument continued and I tried to explain to him these concepts and where and when they apply.

Men mostly seek the metaphysical when they are done and tired of the physical. When they stop looking at the lady as an object, that can be quantified, and start to seek the qualitative aspect and search for what a lady brings to them other than just the sex. It normally occurs when a “man” feels they have grown up. As when to men grow up, I dont really know but when they do, that’s when they seek this.

Women are more drawn to the metaphysical, and continuously lie in this loop. A lady will always look for the qualitative first before the quantitative. Yes, if you are the tall, dark and handsome type, you will have them drooling at your feet, but if you fail to meet these qualitative aspects, you will just be another person she met and dated.

I believe I have come to the metaphysical point in my life. I need quality. I need a lady who can hold her own, and my one too. I need a lady who can remind me of my life’s purpose, and hers too. I need a lady can take me as I am, without the need to change a lot. I need a lady, beautiful, both in and out, to me, and only me. I need a lady, not a girlfriend.

The physical is just but fiction. It what makes us sleep and night. The metaphysical is indeed fiction, but one we both feel, the one that makes me get up every morning with the need to soar. Go choose which one you want, but lets not get these things confused, and lets not misunderstand these two concepts. Mutually exclusive, dualism at its best.

Well, those are my words. What are your words.

Peace Y’all.

No dropping mics today. *Drops Mic*

Am I one person?

I recently met someone who was questioning my personality on social media and how I sounded different or rather created different impressions when they read my blog and twitter account. And to top it all off, in person, I was totally someone else. I was momentarily confused…how was 1 person different in three differing scenarios? Oh well, that’s beside the point. I am 1 person but I decide to reflect the various inner mes on various fora and no, I dont have MPD. Just be or become whoever you want to be, if you feel that’s what channels your inner you.

I wanted to channel the inner me. I felt like I needed to channel the inner me. And I said, I felt like I needed to channel me. I hit a snag a few days ago, questioning my MPD? Whether what I blogged added value to me and you, then I realised, I do it for fun, I do it because I can and I do it because, I run out of disk space in my brain and head for some thoughts, and maybe you can be the judge of that when you come across what I write.

I write about social evils. I write about my social evils. I write about your social evils. I am not saying am perfect in saying I take part in these social evils, but I was once told you at least have to talk about them. I try to be funny, but that too I came to terms with, I am not as interesting as I make myself sound. I probably spend the whole day locked up in my room strategizing my world domination some day. But today, I want to go out and be funny, crack a joke. Make you laugh.

*Thinks of joke*

What do Rick Ross and the Myth have in common? Same underwear maker. I could have gone for similar bra size but I was told I was being to abrasive I needed to calm my own boobs. 

I have a query with Uganda’s social media scene. People always getting stingy first when it sounds like they have made a personal attack on them and this makes it even more boring. I mean, I am fat, and if someone said I was fat in a satirical or ironic way, well then, that wont me lose the weight or the fat.

Oh well, am now mentally stuck in this dystopia where I cant tell which direction I am supposed to be taking now.

ION, I am out. Have a lovely week. *Drops Mic*

*Picks it up and hands it over to the MC*

Be who you are not what the world expects you to be. You dont want to reach that time when you are not sure what you are supposed to be because the world dumped you.

I promise I’ll be funny next time. I promise.

Peace Out.

Arrow is a fake series. Old men are not allowed to run in green tights shooting arrows like goblins.

Have failed to read any interesting literature but I sure as hell can discuss with you my dissertation proposal.

If you love in parts, they will also depart in piece.

Out. *MC grabs mic from him*





The 50th James Bond movie premièred recently as Uganda marked its 50 years of dependency after getting independence.

I happened to come across the Original Soundtrack of Skyfall by Adele and my oh my was I mesmerised. The Melody just took me places and places and places.

The year has flown by and again, the cliché conversations of New Year resolutions began and small circles realised that maybe they dont control time, time actually controls them. We base the beginning on many assumptions and precedents that at the end, we might or might not have achieved. Well, my new year resolutions begin almost everyday when I am hit with spasms of enlightenment.

Social media is taking the world by storm in Uganda is not one to be left out. One thing I have realised on #Twitter is the misguided notion people have to guide the masses, the thin line between virtual and real life. Its confusing as many use it inter changeably.

I am at cross roads. Why do we blog? How do we blog? What do we blog? If you answer these three basic questions, then maybe you know.

Why do we blog?

Is it to share with you our deepest inner fears, our thoughts, our worries, our joys and troubles? Well, because we can. Maybe because I can.

How do we blog?

Is it random. Do you randomly get inspired to pen down, type whatever it is you want to blog?

What do we blog?

About? Well, I have written on so many random things I am not sure what exactly I write about.

I felt I needed to blog. This moment is overdue and the month is just beginning. What I wanted to blog about, well, we all face these conundrums every now and then if I told you that that was the story of my life I would be living your life too.

Komuntale is getting married. She’s 23, beautiful, light skinned and like any mutooro from America she has an American accent. I just feel for the groom to be. Remember the “Coming to America” film by Eddie Murphy, yes, that one. If he goes along those trends, he might be fooled. I think for one if he attempted to have wild animals at his wedding, they might just literally feast. The animals I mean.

I wanted to philosophise earlier. I had a couple of thoughts I had deciphered in my mind. Today is the V for Vendetta Anniversary. 5/11/2012. No one should forget the gunpowder treason and plot. A lovely movie this one, I highly recommend.

*How does Adele do it? The melody in skyfall is just amazing!* 

Well, my relationship tips I feel should apply to one or two of you.


You are doing it wrong if you tell someone else other than your partner how you feel. Yes, it might be for counsel but if you wait to tell them, you are doing yourself and them injustice. Its worse if you take someone’s counsel before having the conversation. Let them be the first to know what/how you feel.

2. Patience.

Relationships are taxing on anyone’s part. This is you accepting someone wholly, not partially. If it’s partially, well, your choice. But I have learnt and you will learn that patience is key. It hurts to be patient but again, you rush, you crush.

3. Trust.

Trust that you are in something together. The relationship crumbles if trust is lost or not given. But these are things you learn. Insecurities always creep in when your partner seems to talk about a certain person of the opposite sex so many times it irritates. Let them know how you feel, tell them it irritates you. If they tell you to trust them, give it to them. In the end, you always come out on top.

I cant think of any others. I am trying to learn that those 3 things are essential.

We never have all the answers.