The 50th James Bond movie premièred recently as Uganda marked its 50 years of dependency after getting independence.

I happened to come across the Original Soundtrack of Skyfall by Adele and my oh my was I mesmerised. The Melody just took me places and places and places.

The year has flown by and again, the cliché conversations of New Year resolutions began and small circles realised that maybe they dont control time, time actually controls them. We base the beginning on many assumptions and precedents that at the end, we might or might not have achieved. Well, my new year resolutions begin almost everyday when I am hit with spasms of enlightenment.

Social media is taking the world by storm in Uganda is not one to be left out. One thing I have realised on #Twitter is the misguided notion people have to guide the masses, the thin line between virtual and real life. Its confusing as many use it inter changeably.

I am at cross roads. Why do we blog? How do we blog? What do we blog? If you answer these three basic questions, then maybe you know.

Why do we blog?

Is it to share with you our deepest inner fears, our thoughts, our worries, our joys and troubles? Well, because we can. Maybe because I can.

How do we blog?

Is it random. Do you randomly get inspired to pen down, type whatever it is you want to blog?

What do we blog?

About? Well, I have written on so many random things I am not sure what exactly I write about.

I felt I needed to blog. This moment is overdue and the month is just beginning. What I wanted to blog about, well, we all face these conundrums every now and then if I told you that that was the story of my life I would be living your life too.

Komuntale is getting married. She’s 23, beautiful, light skinned and like any mutooro from America she has an American accent. I just feel for the groom to be. Remember the “Coming to America” film by Eddie Murphy, yes, that one. If he goes along those trends, he might be fooled. I think for one if he attempted to have wild animals at his wedding, they might just literally feast. The animals I mean.

I wanted to philosophise earlier. I had a couple of thoughts I had deciphered in my mind. Today is the V for Vendetta Anniversary. 5/11/2012. No one should forget the gunpowder treason and plot. A lovely movie this one, I highly recommend.

*How does Adele do it? The melody in skyfall is just amazing!* 

Well, my relationship tips I feel should apply to one or two of you.


You are doing it wrong if you tell someone else other than your partner how you feel. Yes, it might be for counsel but if you wait to tell them, you are doing yourself and them injustice. Its worse if you take someone’s counsel before having the conversation. Let them be the first to know what/how you feel.

2. Patience.

Relationships are taxing on anyone’s part. This is you accepting someone wholly, not partially. If it’s partially, well, your choice. But I have learnt and you will learn that patience is key. It hurts to be patient but again, you rush, you crush.

3. Trust.

Trust that you are in something together. The relationship crumbles if trust is lost or not given. But these are things you learn. Insecurities always creep in when your partner seems to talk about a certain person of the opposite sex so many times it irritates. Let them know how you feel, tell them it irritates you. If they tell you to trust them, give it to them. In the end, you always come out on top.

I cant think of any others. I am trying to learn that those 3 things are essential.

We never have all the answers.

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