Am I one person?

I recently met someone who was questioning my personality on social media and how I sounded different or rather created different impressions when they read my blog and twitter account. And to top it all off, in person, I was totally someone else. I was momentarily confused…how was 1 person different in three differing scenarios? Oh well, that’s beside the point. I am 1 person but I decide to reflect the various inner mes on various fora and no, I dont have MPD. Just be or become whoever you want to be, if you feel that’s what channels your inner you.

I wanted to channel the inner me. I felt like I needed to channel the inner me. And I said, I felt like I needed to channel me. I hit a snag a few days ago, questioning my MPD? Whether what I blogged added value to me and you, then I realised, I do it for fun, I do it because I can and I do it because, I run out of disk space in my brain and head for some thoughts, and maybe you can be the judge of that when you come across what I write.

I write about social evils. I write about my social evils. I write about your social evils. I am not saying am perfect in saying I take part in these social evils, but I was once told you at least have to talk about them. I try to be funny, but that too I came to terms with, I am not as interesting as I make myself sound. I probably spend the whole day locked up in my room strategizing my world domination some day. But today, I want to go out and be funny, crack a joke. Make you laugh.

*Thinks of joke*

What do Rick Ross and the Myth have in common? Same underwear maker. I could have gone for similar bra size but I was told I was being to abrasive I needed to calm my own boobs. 

I have a query with Uganda’s social media scene. People always getting stingy first when it sounds like they have made a personal attack on them and this makes it even more boring. I mean, I am fat, and if someone said I was fat in a satirical or ironic way, well then, that wont me lose the weight or the fat.

Oh well, am now mentally stuck in this dystopia where I cant tell which direction I am supposed to be taking now.

ION, I am out. Have a lovely week. *Drops Mic*

*Picks it up and hands it over to the MC*

Be who you are not what the world expects you to be. You dont want to reach that time when you are not sure what you are supposed to be because the world dumped you.

I promise I’ll be funny next time. I promise.

Peace Out.

Arrow is a fake series. Old men are not allowed to run in green tights shooting arrows like goblins.

Have failed to read any interesting literature but I sure as hell can discuss with you my dissertation proposal.

If you love in parts, they will also depart in piece.

Out. *MC grabs mic from him*





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