Paradise…November Blues…

Coldplay – Paradise

Listening to Coldplay and you cant help but think all your worldly problems are solved. I always get this feeling when I listen to them, though not my best band. Nothing personal given the fact that they in their own league when it comes to musicality and phonetics in sound you are blown away, I like to believe they are the Best of the best. My passion for rock music dates back to my earlier high school days when Rick Dees played on Capital FM every Sunday 2-4pm. Yeah,  when Evanescence were the talk of the town. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

So, the World is about to end. 2012 is night and this being among the last days of this month, I might as well start the count down.

Well, for reasons beyond me, I decided that I need to get to the 10,000HITS mark, and hopefully thanks to you, I can achieve. My current stats reflect that am stuck on 8,884 hits, and I need a 1116 hits if I want to reach this mark, so am asking, share. Read and share. I know I sometimes bore you with my life stories but then again, what would be life without stories to tell, and this is just one way of doing so so, yes, SHARE, Hit and Share.

I am typing this blog out through the course of the day, I want too, want to see the thoughts that cross my mind, when they do, what happens when they do and how exactly I tell them to you, so be patient with me. So we shall time stamp this as 11:17 am, Tweeting, Facebooking, Reading online newspapers.

“How do fish breastfeed?” Seriously though.

Listening to all the Coldplay I have. The X&Y album just do it. The first 4 songs though, Talk, Speed of Sound, Square One and Low. These were the highlight of my first year, University. I listened to this album till…funny thing though, Fix You is not the best song for me on it.

All we ever want is love but we delude ourselves into thinking sex is some form of love. I am not persecuting any one here, I too have fallen to the bottom of that bottomless pit but I had to get a jet pack out of there fast. If you’ve had sex in any kind or form, it changes you. Most times you want to do it our of curiosity, see if you will enjoy it or do it simply because  you enjoyed it. And if we get stuck in this loop, getting out is the hardest thing one can do. I am not judging, but honestly deliberating and giving my opinion here. I have this friend who, whenever they break up with the girlfriend, he uses that “opportunity” to sleep around and be a sleaze bag be it a day, a week or a month. I am not the best Christian but I do hold my values so I always get puzzled, when he brags about doing this. Again, am not judging, but well, if you respect someone enough to date them, respect them enough to do what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. My biggest question and angst though, where’s Karma in all of this.

So, Mahatma Ghandi was a paedophile racist homo. I too didn’t know this. Until I was having a conversation first with a colleague, then the girlfriend. What The HELL?

Part of the plan. We can predict what’s going to happen in the future, and we can set the precedents that will lead to that moment, but we sure as hell cannot control time. Does time have a competitor?

The forgotten art of blogging. With the increase in minimalist social media fora, the art of blogging is dying, and doing so very first. Five years ago, it was prestigious owning a blog, let alone getting people to read what’s on it, but now, people open one like owning one is an email address or validation that you are social media freak. But why open one when you are going to barely share your thoughts. Then there’s those people who post statuses on social media sites like they should be running blogs but they don’t know. Now those are either ignorant or an in need of immediate appreciation for their work.

Time stamp 12:28.

Where does passion come from? What is your passion? Where can you find it? I like writing. I wish I could make a living out of it but the opportunities in this place are none.

My passion is Architecture and for a very long time, I contemplated having two blogs, taking the personal and the architecture away from each other but that is very difficult so, once in a while they spill. But well, for those who like reading and just randomly checking out cool blogs, you can find me here and here

Time 13:20

Mentally flustered. Cant think of anything constructive. I am out of this den.

Peace Y’all.



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