My ZING. . .

Who hasn’t watched Hotel Transylvania?

*Raises arm!*

Well, I watched it, in bits though. And the only thing I got from the whole movie was finding your Zing. That one person that just makes it click for you. . . like Ziiinnnnggg…

Then again, how hard can it be finding your Zing? Well, here’s a few things that amuse me about my Zing and am pretty sure she agrees with me on this, somehow. . .

1. I can be angry at her for 3 days, and she will be for just 2 hours, just two hours, and I will be in more trouble than she’s in. How she does it, I dont know!

2. She thinks I am the more emotional one. Woman, I cry from just one eye, how more emotional do you want me to be?

3. You know when she calls you by your full name, she’s either in more love with you or you are in trouble, but chances are I am in more trouble.

4. I started getting periods when I started dating her. If you are in a relationship, you understand. If you are not, well, just wait for your turn.

5. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my Zing. Ridiculous as this sounds, but my ATM agrees with me.

6. She has my twitter password. One of those things I had to part with.

7. Your Zing makes you a selfish jealous monster. I almost beefed with her because she was texting the other man in her life, her father.

8. I’ve changed. I dont know how.  But I know I have.  .  .I think global warming would be solved if mother nature found herself a husband/boyfriend to take care of all her needs.

9. It’s the best thing that happened to me. I now have proof that two heads are better than one. Cheesy I know but whatevs dude, I’m cool with it.

10. We are perfect in our imperfections.

Well, this is a cheesy toast to my Zing and well I might or might have been threatened to write this.

Well, for those looking for their Zings, they will come to you. . .


Aeroplanes. . .

I happened to go to the airport over the weekend escorting a colleague to my client. While travelling, I couldn’t help but notice the trek it took to get from the city centre to the airport, 40 Kms away. It indeed was a journey that set the journey to wherever one was going.

Seated at the back, cars swishing back and forth, it felt like a journey down memory lane. Back in the days when air travel was a new thing, to us who only waved at aeroplanes in the sky saying “Bye President” like he’d hear us let alone see us. Back in the day, going to the airport was an event. A Family Event.

Whenever a person was leaving the country, the family gathered, had meetings, discussed everything that needed to be discussed but most importantly, who was escorting the traveller to the airport. Whoever owned a car back then naturally called dibs.

Back in the car, I couldn’t help but smile. When my father had travelled back in the day, we’d put on our special Sunday clothes to escort him. It was a big deal. If you missed this trip, you’d never see a place close by. And the fact that the lake Victoria was close by, that intensified the experience. The chance to see the lake close by, and aeroplanes, that doubled the whole experience.

We arrived at the airport and led the my client’s guest to the departures area. There, I was mesmerised. 20 years down the road, and yes, this subculture was still very alive. Families were gathered around, waving goodbyes to this person, and not because they were going overseas or out of the country but most probably because they were going to sit on a plane. And when this person came back, they had better have awesome stories to tell about their travel on the aeroplane. The question most asked about someone who has used the aeroplane is “How was the flight?” It’s never, how was where you’ve been, the weather there, the purpose of your travel there. . .it is always, “how was your flight?” closely followed by “What did you bring for us?”

I stood there and mused. Nothing has changed for many. Family group hugs, a grandmother here, coming to see her grandchild off, and the best part, the white folk looking on in amazement. Most probably wondering why this was happening and why it looked like a big deal. Well, here is why. . .90% of the population in third world countries have only seen aeroplanes. They’ve never been in one and well, getting a family member to step onto one and travel is on almost everyone’s bucket list.

I’ve outgrown my Sunday clothes days, but I am glad this tradition is very much alive.

To aeroplanes and beyond.

Have a great week.

My 2012 in Pictures. . . And a couple of words.

Collage 2012
Collage 2012

Well, this post should so be last year, but well, I am posting it this year.

This collage did take sometime making seeing as photoshop is not that easy but, those are my pictures for 2012 and here’s a couple of words.

1. I travelled a little. Got the opportunity to sit in a big bird, and feel like a bird and praying the big bird doesn’t get injured during my flight.

2. Dubai is a great city. And for Architects and students of Architecture, the Khalifa, Palm Jumeira, Al Arab is a must see. Amazing place except for the weather.

3. Lots and lots of alcohol. A victim of alcohol sampling.

4. Shoes. I like shoes, especially a pair of all black all stars.

5. Shoes without socks because wearing socks is now just too mainstream.

6. I became an Uncle. Three nephews.

7. I got a smart phone.

8. I MET LIQUIDEEP. Major highlight that one.

9. The village. That villa back home is awesome.

10. Team Ibanda. Bunch of crazy guys to party with.

11. Paint ball fighting. 25k well spent.

12. Finally, the Dark Knight Rises, Kuzeec… or @Kuzeec

13. Coming through alive at the end of it all. Lost loved ones, friends and still I remain grateful.

I should stop now.


HAPPY New Year.

Well, Happy New Year.

You need to at least be happy for its a new year irrespective of how or what the old year ended like.

Its time to make those acrimonious Resolutions. So, for 2013, here are a few, maybe just 13.

1. How’s about I blog more often. And blog more sense in this case.

2. Lose weight. If you get as much spam in your email as I do about losing weight, then its time you picked up on the hint.

3. Social Media is taking over the world by storm. I too need my storm. If I were a programmer with a dingy garage and lots of cables, I’d be on my way to starting a social media site.

4. Get officially employed. I’ve been what they call self employed, living on meagre allowances. Maybe its time I joined the stereotypical corporate world.

5. Read the fourth installation of the Eragon books. I got the book around last year and I have barely made it to the first page. And this is why, it took long to come out. But I need to either way.

6. Think about the future more.

7. Seven is my lucky number of sorts. 3 too. But yes, GO TO CHURCH MORE OFTEN.

8. Have the best project this final semester. I know, Architecture has mistreated me like the cruel mistress it is but yes.

9. Try to become famous. Who wouldn’t in this century. 15 minutes of fame done turned into hours. Its time I capitalised on this too.

10. Be more appreciative. I am a pain. Its time I became more appreciative.

11. Ensure I keep or try and meet said above resolutions.

12. Love. Love. Love. Love like I’ve never loved before.

13. GOD.

Happy NEW Year.