HAPPY New Year.

Well, Happy New Year.

You need to at least be happy for its a new year irrespective of how or what the old year ended like.

Its time to make those acrimonious Resolutions. So, for 2013, here are a few, maybe just 13.

1. How’s about I blog more often. And blog more sense in this case.

2. Lose weight. If you get as much spam in your email as I do about losing weight, then its time you picked up on the hint.

3. Social Media is taking over the world by storm. I too need my storm. If I were a programmer with a dingy garage and lots of cables, I’d be on my way to starting a social media site.

4. Get officially employed. I’ve been what they call self employed, living on meagre allowances. Maybe its time I joined the stereotypical corporate world.

5. Read the fourth installation of the Eragon books. I got the book around last year and I have barely made it to the first page. And this is why, it took long to come out. But I need to either way.

6. Think about the future more.

7. Seven is my lucky number of sorts. 3 too. But yes, GO TO CHURCH MORE OFTEN.

8. Have the best project this final semester. I know, Architecture has mistreated me like the cruel mistress it is but yes.

9. Try to become famous. Who wouldn’t in this century. 15 minutes of fame done turned into hours. Its time I capitalised on this too.

10. Be more appreciative. I am a pain. Its time I became more appreciative.

11. Ensure I keep or try and meet said above resolutions.

12. Love. Love. Love. Love like I’ve never loved before.

13. GOD.

Happy NEW Year.

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